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Oh, You’re A Blogger…

I wear many hats. I wear many dresses. I wear my pajamas inside out and it drives my husband MAD. But that’s just who I am.

Sometimes when people ask me who I am or what I do, it’s hard to answer. To say that I’m a blogger is TRUE. I AM a blogger. But most STILL can’t quite grasp what that means.

just a blogger

It happened to me at the Spider-Man screening in NYC last week. I was having small talk with an older woman who wrote for the paper and she said to me, “oh… a blllogggeerrrrrr” and then completely ignored me for the rest of the night.

I am not considered “on level” with some and that stings – I won’t lie. But I know who I am at 41… so it STINGS but only for a second. Also, I don’t have anything to prove anymore – so F her.

But it’s hard to do what I do. It’s hard to wake up and create something out of nothing every single day of your life. It’s hard to piece together a story with just a handful of strings.

It’s hard to continue to do that for twelve years straight and still make it sound like a song. It’s hard to not have anyone give you a guidebook because even if they did, it would be outdated as soon as it touched your palm.

This is my life. A misunderstood one and I know so many of my Facebook friends can feel what I am writing. My job is “cool” but it’s also very, very hard and fickle and exhausting and unforgiving.

vera disney

This week, this blogger scored a partnership with Disney – one of my absolute favorite brands on the planet. And if you know me, you know that’s true. I LOVE Disney with all of my heart.

To think that Audrey Couto McClelland and I are going to take our Permission to Hustle conference on the road and down to Disney World this year is just incredible. A blogger did that, Miss Paper!! It took almost a year, but it is happening and I cannot wait.

And a blogger is going to bring 20 women to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge on opening day and then we will sit together for a few hours to talk shop and learn from one another and open up about how we can all do it better.

We will face those hard truths and come out stronger on the other side. We will round out the event – after enjoying Food and Wine + Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party – by eating lots of cupcakes while watching fireworks and if that doesn’t sound like an epic few days… then I don’t know what will.

So, yeah. I’m a blogger. A blogger who wears many hats. Who goes where the wind takes her. Who pitches until her arm is sore. Who has the best partner on the entire planet and who is a better person because of it.

No joke. Audrey is actually as nice as she posts. It’s like… real or something.

audrey and vera

And above all, I’m beyond thankful for the opportunity that Disney is giving Permission to Hustle because it almost feels full circle. I met Audrey at Disney and now we are coming back with the passion project that we’ve built together.

Can’t wait for August. Can’t wait to get in that room with my fellow women entrepreneurs. Can’t wait to hug the mouse. Can’t wait. Can’t wait. Can’t wait.

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