7 Small Ways To Save Money Now That The Holidays Are Over

The holidays can be exciting. This year, odds are you enjoyed giving and receiving gifts throughout the season. However, once the excitement dies down, reality sets in – the bills are now due and you might notice a dent in your bank account. Here are ways families save money now that the holiday season is over:

7 Small Ways To Save Money Now That The Holidays Are Over

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Don’t Shop When You Are Tempted

If you feel that you must go shopping, go in with a budget and stick to it. Plan on paying cash so that you won’t feel the need to make purchases just because your credit card is out.

You can also save money on your taxes by making large purchases with cash rather than credit cards.

Meal Plan And Double Up Your Portions

Save time preparing dinner and cut down on ordering out by meal planning. Make sure to always double up your servings and use the leftovers for lunch the next day. Whatever you do, don’t pay for food from restaurants!

Recycle Your Christmas Tree

If you have a fresh tree still up, recycle it into mulch for your garden, save the needles to add to holiday potpourri, or save it for decorations in place of fresh garland. Reuse what you have and get into the habit of living that way moving forward.

Buy Used Tools And Supplies For Repairs

If you need tools and hardware for a home repair project, save money by buying them used at a second-hand store. They will save you time and money when doing repairs.

Shop Around For Loans And Financing Prior To Buying A Major Purchase

If you are buying a major item, compare financing plans first before you commit to the purchase. The interest rates may be more favorable than if you just walk into a store and buy on impulse.

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Have Family Games Night

Why not keep the kids at home for a night and play a few board games together? I promise the evening will be filled with lots of laughs and lasting memories.

Take Advantage Of The Bargains That Are Available Now

Look for sales after the holidays are over to save money on items that you were going to purchase anyway. Most stores have sales in January and February to make room for new inventory. You may save money by purchasing some gifts early, before the holiday rush begins again.

Get Routine Check-Ups

Make sure you keep up with your routine checkups at the dentist’s office to save money on any necessary work that may Be required. This may save you money in the long run by getting problems fixed before they lead to other costly dental work.

Buy In Bulk

If you can save money, buy items in bulk and find a place to store them in your house. Remember, you can still use coupons in big box stores – so don’t forget to bring them!

How have you saved money in the past? Would love to hear some tips that have worked for you!

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