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New Year, New You! How I Plan To Make The Best Out Of 2019

I’m hitting the gym today! Nah- just kidding. I’m not a liar and even if I was, I wouldn’t spin that crazy of a tale this early in the day. I’ve spent the majority of the weekend hearing about how all of my friends are going to start fasting, a KETO diet, running, joining a cardio bootcamp – you name it! And you know what? I’ve supported every single one of their goals. I’m not knocking these ladies. I support their aspirations. I truly do. But those fitness resolutions do not mesh well with me. I’ve played that song for 15-20 years and the notes always fall flat which lead to utter disappointment. I’m not that girl. So, why pretend that January 1st is something special? January 1st isn’t going to suddenly give me the drive that I wasn’t born with to MOVE. Instead, I plan to look at the New Year with a different set of lenses on. I plan on focusing on 2019 as way to better different pillars in my life – family, health, sanity, spirituality, and passion. New Year, New You! Yeah, I’m with you, but on my own terms.

New Year, New You! How I Plan To Make The Best Out Of 2019

New Year New You

I’ve already written about the changes that are coming on the blog. My head is on straight for the first time in quite some time and it feels fantastic!! But I also wanted to make a few personal resolutions to help better myself and bring more joy into my life and to those around me.

New Year, New You: Resolution #1: More Quality Time With The Kids – Once A Week Do Something Special

It doesn’t have to be something that we spend a ton of money on. I want to make this very clear. I don’t plan on taking them to the circus every Friday. Happiness doesn’t have to put a family in debt. But – maybe it’s baking cookies together. Maybe it’s taking a ride into the city and walking around to sightsee in our own hometown. Perhaps it’s using points we’ve saved up on our travel credit card and staying at a local hotel just so we can use the pool. I don’t know what it will look like, but I am certain that every week there will be something on the calendar just for us.

This is absolutely critical for me. I work SO MUCH and for what? For them. At 41 – this is crystal clear. I am tired of getting pulled in every direction. It’s time to settle down and focus on what it’s all about. This is a small way to get that started. Game Night on Wednesday night is a perfect beginning if you ask me.

Download your New Year’s Resolution Checklist here.

New Year, New You: Resolution #2: Help Out More In Church

New Year New You

My family attends church every Sunday. It is a beautiful thing. But I always feel like I could be helping more. I am no fool. Churches are struggling these days. I look around at the pews and see only a handful of children. Most members are much older. What will happen in 15 years to my church? I don’t know? I really don’t. So, I sit and I think about ways to do my part. And I guess in some ways I try to step in when I can. If there is a fundraiser or a calling, I always donate. When asked I provide. But I know in my heart that I can do more.

I know how to make money online. I know how to do a ton on the web. I know how to organize events and to host and to build out newsletters and… and… and… I am capable. So, what’s stopping me? Time. After a long day, all I want to do is be with my children. But that’s not a good enough answer. I need to give back to a place that has given so much to my family over the last two years. This has become so clear to me. I’m not sure what it will look like, but I want to become more active and I want to help in a permanent way. Every dollar will help and I am sure I can be of assistance in that department. So, this year… I will be.

New Year, New You: Resolution #3: Have More Fun

New Year New You

I ordered this outfit to wear to the theatre when my family went to see a screening of Mary Poppins. It didn’t arrive on time and I was so disappointed. But a few days later on opening night, I decided to post it on Instagram anyways and it did so WELL. People were really happy to see this cosplay idea and to be honest with you, I had a lot of fun putting the Mary Poppins DisneyBounding look together! The picture made me happy and it made my friends happy an so I decided to continue to do this a few more times. If you aren’t having fun, then what’s the point, right?

I decided to relax a bit. To seek out more adventure. To take chances. AND to stop worrying about what other people think about me. I wasn’t sure about how my followers would react to me doing cosplay… but they really got a kick out of it because it was something different. Taking a chance paid off and in the end, even if it didn’t who cares? It was super fun and I now own a pair of amazing red heels! (affiliate link)

New Year, New You: Resolution #4: Cook Different Dishes – Shake My Old Routine

New Year New You

I love to cook. In fact, I cook dinner from scratch most nights for the family. Dessert? Not so much. I’m not that great of a baker. Full confession! But I LOVE to make a home-cooked meal. I make it up as I go along. I half read directions and make up the rest. I never measure. And you know what? It always turns out just fine. That’s how my grandmother taught me. I would ask her how much thyme should go into a recipe and she would say “a pinch”. Never an exact measurement. It was always by the gut. I cook from the heart and I love every second of it. BUT there is one downfall. I usually make the same 10-15 dishes over and over again. Yes, it’s true.

I think most women would agree with this. You have your favorites and you stick to them like glue. Well, this year, I am really going to break out of this rut. My promise to myself is to shake it off and use Pinterest to get ideas to expand my menu. Look out for some incredible ideas in 2019. I plan on posting a TON of recipes on Lady and the Blog. I hope they inspire you.

New Year, New You: Resolution #5: Get Dressed Up More Often

New Year New You

This post is becoming like a confessional! On the blog, I look put together. In real life, I’m running around in skinny jeans and Uggs. Truth! But I want to change that. I want to look put together for REAL … in actuality… like in real life… where the humans are. You know, when I head to BJ’s Wholesale Club and I’m on the checkout line? I want to be wearing an actual bra. That’s my goal for 2019. Fingers crossed!

I am also going to do a HUGE HEAVY PURGE of my closets. My husband is going to lose his mind when he sees what I am going to give away, but I want to get rid of anything that I really don’t wear and I want to make room for my new, more put together, everyday style. I have to figure out how I am going to justify this expense, but it’s going to happen. Bill doesn’t read my blog. I’m not worried about him finding out my plan. That’s one good thing about a husband who literally doesn’t care about what you write. I could bash him right now and he would have no clue. But I would never do that and he knows it. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t read this site. LOL!

New Year, New You: Resolution #6: Date Nights For REAL

New Year New You

I love this guy. He drives me crazy – he really does. Like INSANE. But I wouldn’t trade him in for the world. And I tell him all the time that I need more time alone with him. We’ve been dating since 1998 – way before the kids – and we will be together long after all the kids leave our house and go off to have families of their own. That’s why it’s critical we still date one another. I don’t want to put us on pause for the kids. I don’t believe in that. I am still his girlfriend. I will always be his girlfriend even though I am now his wife. He needs to date me. He needs to spend time with me – not as a MOM – but as his GIRL. And so, we need to spend time doing this in 2019 with PURPOSE. Set date nights!!! A must. His parents literally bought a house a few blocks from us this year. GREAT! Take the kids. We are going to the movies.

New Year, New You: Resolution #7: More Work With My Best Friends

New Year New You

Work isn’t work if you are laughing. And I need to laugh more in 2019. This girl brings me so much joy that we made it our business to pinky promise that we would do more together in the new year. In 2018, we didn’t get a lot of work together which was strange. Our management never really pushed to get joint partnerships which was out of the ordinary for us. For the last 6-7 years, Audrey and I ALWAYS had gigs together. We would be flying all over the country doing something together – side by side. But 2018, there was NOTHING which made us really sad. Well, this year, we decided that we would change that. We would take fate into our own hands and carve out our own futures. So, more laughs, more fun times, and more time with my BFF.

What more can I ask for?

New Year, New You: Resolution #8 Love Myself

So, am I going to hit the gym? No – it’s just not going to happen. As far as weight is concerned, I might do intermittent fasting. I am about to get a bike delivered to my house and I really do want to start working out on it once it gets here – on my time. But will I make a resolution towards fitness. I just can’t. I will disappoint myself if I do. Instead, I’m going to promise myself to love myself and to honor my body to the best of my ability. I promise myself to eat consciously and to teach my children to do the same. I try to do this anyway. I try to tell my kids to taste their food. To slow down as they chew. To be aware of everything that they consume. To listen to their bodies. To drink water throughout the day because their hunger just might be dehydration. To question whether or not they are bored when they ask for a snack. I really do TRY to make them THINK about food in this way because I don’t think enough people do. But we are all human. We all have off days and we all need to forgive ourselves when we do.

So, I forgive myself for the last two years. Yeah, I said it. Ten pounds in 2 years. Yeah, I wrote it. I acknowledge the gain. I understand why and how it happened. I recognize that now that I am 41, everything is slowing down inside of me and I literally have to start moving if I want to help my metabolism. And because of all of this, I will take 2019 one day at a time equipped with this knowledge. I won’t promise anything else because anything more than that will be a lie. And I am no liar.

2019 will be a year of love and self realization. It will be a year of joy and happiness. 2019 will be a great year because I believe it to be true.

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