A Day Of Yes: Ten Things You Can Give Yourself To Make Your Day Better

A Day Of Yes: Ten Things You Can Give Yourself To Make Your Day Better

I always say no to things because I don’t think they can fit into my schedule or because I feel like I’ll be too tired after a full day of work and the kids. That’s just not a way to live! We only have one go around and we shouldn’t waste it copping out. Today, I want to encourage you to change things up a bit – to challenge yourself even! Stretch your borders and get out of your box. Say yes. I don’t know what’s coming down the pipeline for you, but it smells like an adventure if you ask me.

Here are some great examples of things that you should reconsider for a day of YES:

  1. Impromptu lunch date with your significant other
  2. Movie date with your girlfriend – when was the last time you did that?
  3. A new gym class or a run outside
  4. A great sale
  5. A moment to mediate
  6. Ordering in dinner instead of cooking
  7. Indulging in some dessert (why is everything I’m writing about revolving around food – do you see where my head is?)
  8. Creating several bags for donation – getting the family involved! Make everyone fill one bag each (at least)
  9. New responsibilities at work
  10. Anything you WANT!

Imagine how different your life would be if you said yes for two weeks straight – anything that came your way. That would really pull you out of your routine and shift your gears full speed ahead. I love being comfortable. Don’t get me wrong. But things don’t grow unless change occurs.

What do you plan on saying “yes” to today?

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