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10 Easy Ways To Show Affection In Relationships

Touching in a relationship is an important way to stay connected with your significant other. In fact, a relationship without touching often times begins to resemble roommates more than lovers.

People who only physically connect just when they are having sex have missed the memo. You and your partner can take advantage of the entire day – hugging, kissing, and bonding with one another – for no other reason than the sake of expressing your undying need for one another.

Show Affection In Relationships

Love and touch go hand in hand. If you are married to someone who was born with the love language of touch, then listen up! This will be a life lesson for you. Just because it’s not necessarily something you might need, your partner desperately craves it. They need to feel needed and the way to make that happen is SO EASY. It’s actually quite silly. Make it a point to show affection to your spouse and they will light up the world.

You don’t have to buy them anything fancy or worry about going out of your way to make a big show. All you need to worry about is offering as much physical contact as you can when you two are together.

  • Holding hands
  • Hugging
  • Cuddling while watching a show at night
  • Never leaving or entering a room without offering them a kiss
  • A nice hard slap on the ass when you pass them from behind
  • Stealing a sensual grab every now and then throughout the day

You will change your entire marriage around if you just put in the effort to make your spouse feel like you see them. Do you see them?

Stop taking them for granted because people aren’t furniture. They aren’t structures in your life. They are breathing, and human, and need to feel connected to the people they love.

Make touching in your relationship a top priority for you moving forward. Work on it. Focus on this. If someone sends you this article, take it to heart. They love you so much that they want MORE of you. How lucky you are to be so wanted!

Now, imagine that the person you love wants to be just as loved / wanted and how empty they must feel because it doesn’t come naturally to you.

10 Easy Ways To Show Affection In Relationships

So, what’s the answer? Make a conscious decision to incorporate physical contact every single day into your relationship. Stop just sitting by your spouse while watching a movie. Stop just walking by them as you stroll through the city or the supermarket. Pretend you are in high school again! Date each other. Make it mean something.

Looking for more ideas on how to bring affection back into your relationship? Here are ten simple strategies that anyone can incorporate into their lives starting right now.

leave love notes

Leave Love Notes

Throughout the day, put little loving notes in their lunch box or briefcase as reminders of your love and why you’re with them. Is everyone working remotely? No problem! How about just leaving a post-it on the bathroom mirror?

Are you into sexting? Do that. Send pictures or ideas that you’d like to try out. Keep the fire alive.

Is that too much for your spouse? Understandable. Instead, focus on how much you love them instead. Write notes about how much you miss them or how you are thinking about them. Just let them know that they are on your mind. That’s the main idea.

Bring home flowers or a small gift

Who doesn’t love a little gift to open up out of nowhere? It’s always so much fun to get a present. Consider bringing home a small token of your love at random and see how your spouse feels. It will just show that you were thinking of them while you were away and that will make them feel very special.

Cuddle While Watching TV

While watching TV, get close. Stop sitting on opposite ends of the couch or the bed. Pretend you have a twin and wrap legs around one another. Hug, massage, caress. Think about how you two are the only people who get to do that to each other and realize how special that time really is. Take advantage of every stroke.

Listen to Your Partner

When your partner needs to vent, give them a safe space to do it. Don’t judge. You don’t even have to offer advice unless they are open to it. Your partner needs someone who is willing to drop everything and be their ROCK when times are tough. Be that person and more.

no phones in bed

Don’t Check Your Phone When You’re With Your Partner

We have rules in my house. No phones in the bedroom and no phones while eating. And you know what? It changed everything!! Society is addicted to technology as a whole and the last thing you need is someone submerged in Facebook drama instead of tuning into dinnertime conversation. Stay present.

Give Compliments Regularly

Every once in a while tell your partner how beautiful they look. And heads up – they don’t have to be dressed up to hear it. Give a compliment whenever you feel it in your head. Often times we think things and we never say them. Stop holding those ideas to yourself.

I see my husband being a great father and I think it in my head. No! Now, I force myself to say it out loud because he deserves to hear that. It’s unusual for me to force the info out, but I know it will make him feel great.

  • Nice shirt
  • Great dinner
  • Thanks for doing the dishes
  • Thanks for taking the garbage out

It doesn’t matter what you say and please, don’t overthink it. Just listen to your inner voice and then go from there.

Be Intimate Often

Having sex is not the only form of intimacy, but you know it’s a great place to start. How often do you have sex with your spouse? Is it enough for the both of you? Does someone feel like this form of intimacy is lacking and if so, is there anything that can be done about it?

Sex isn’t the only form of intimacy, Consider cuddling, kissing, or massaging without expecting anything in return. The more intimate you are with one another, the stronger your bond will be.

equal partners

Be Their Equal

I often read about women who feel inferior because they are stay-at-home moms. Or dads who don’t have any say in the house because the women have all the control. When there is a perceived dominating force in a relationship that possesses all the power, one party will always feel deflated. What do you think that does to the balance between the two parties? Fix that energy.

Smack Their Ass

No, literally. Don’t be afraid to give your lover a nice firm ass slap while they walk away just to let them know that you find them desirable. Relationships are often hot and heavy in the beginning. Well, what about after 8 years, 15 years, 25? Those couples still need a spark, too!

An ass slap is a subtle sign that will show how much you care for them without coming off as clingy or overly affectionate. One quick whack to say, “You’re mine.” (yum)

Be Excited For Them

Did something huge happen for the person you love? Become their biggest cheerleader! I don’t care if it’s midnight and you just found out the news. All smiles, wide-eyed, and a big hoorah! Always. Even the smallest accomplishments deserve your fullest attention.

love and relationships

Figure Out Their Love Language

Often times we give love in the way we WANT to be loved and sometimes that’s not what the other person desires, needs, or expects. You might be someone who loves by providing acts of services. And that’s wonderful!! But again, you need to think about how your partner wants love. Do they want affection over service? How can the two of you compromise to make sure everyone’s needs are being met?

What makes you feel good might make your partner feel neutral. Make sure you understand and figure out how you both like to be loved because it could change the entire dynamic of your marriage.

Touching someone you love doesn’t always have to turn into something sexual. In fact, there are so many different ways to show affection to someone you adore. I hope these tips gave you something to think about.

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