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50 Free Or Almost Free Ways To Show Your Spouse You Love Them On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I want everyone to start thinking about what they are going to do for that special someone in their lives today. The earlier you start, the cheaper it will all be! 🙂 Last minute presents are the ones that will get you in the wallet. Am I right?


If you are looking for a way to let your love know that you thought about them, here’s 50 gift ideas:

50 Ways To Show Your Spouse You Love Them On Valentine’s Day

  1. Breakfast in bed
  2. Fresh pot of coffee
  3. Love notes
  4. New song list
  5. Morning jog
  6. A great massage
  7. Set up new app folder with some top new picks that you think they’d enjoy
  8. Basket of sweet treats
  9. Custom Mug or maybe monogrammed ones to make it easier
  10. Full control of the remote control – that’s BIG, right?
  11. Turn off all the tech for the entire day
  12. Fun desk accessories (like this one Bill – ahem)
  13. Play a game
  14. A new pocket square for him
  15. Make your own coupon booklet – what promises will you offer that they can cash in?
  16. Write a personal poem
  17. Throw a dance party just for two
  18. Play with scents – maybe a new candle? Make sure it’s her favorite kind.
  19. A picnic at the park
  20. Dessert – their favorite – no matter how many calories
  21. Don’t go to work for the day – skip out! 24 hours together.
  22. Matching sleep masks and an early night in
  23. Grab a bottle of wine and enjoy
  24. Bring back game night – let them pick their favorites. We all have them!
  25. Read up on their favorite topic and start a conversation about it
  26. An impromptu trip
  27. Bubble bath
  28. A promise of a trip – and then the two of you can plan it together
  29. Organization supplies and here and here and here.
  30. A night of binging on their favorite TV show
  31. Jot down 10 things you love about them. They need to know.
  32. Order in their favorite meal
  33. Cook their favorite meal
  34. Admit something you never have to your spouse – something real and raw
  35. Take a walk. Hold hands
  36. Set a date. Meet somewhere. Kiss in public. Remember.
  37.  Go online and print out some free downloads that you can use to express your love
  38. Look up some DIY Valentine’s Day crafts you can do. There are plenty on Pinterest.
  39. Decorate the entire house with Valentine’s Day surprises
  40. Bring out old photos of the two of you from when you first started dating
  41. If you are married, whip out the old wedding tape!
  42. Head to your local candy store and pick up some heart-shaped treats.
  43. Grab some bath bombs and get fizzling – together.
  44. Fortune cookies with personalized messages are just so CUTE! Order them today.
  45. Personalized Couple Poster – make one up on Canva and print it. Then frame it!
  46. Have the children make some arts and crafts projects for your spouse
  47. Where did you first meet? Go there.
  48. Mail 7 letters so that they show up one day at a time prior to Valentine’s Day. Then on Valentine’s Day, have something bigger come to the front door.
  49. Wear something grand … or nothing at all. Make it a special outfit either way.
  50. The night before Valentine’s Day, head out to your spouse’s car and tape a note inside.

Can you think of any way to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Would love to hear what free or almost free ways you came up with this year to celebrate your spouse.

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