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10 Easy Christmas Minute To Win It Games To Play With Your Family

Welcome to the ultimate guide for festive fun! You’ve landed in the right place if you’re looking for entertaining and engaging activities to elevate your Christmas celebrations. In this guide, we’ll explore a plethora of exciting and unique Christmas Minute to Win It games—perfect for family gatherings, office parties, or virtual celebrations.

10 Easy Christmas Minute To Win It Games To Play With Your Family

Whether you’re seeking easy DIY ideas, team-building challenges, or creative games for all ages, these Minute to Win It activities are sure to add a dash of joy to your holiday festivities.

Here are 10 Christmas-themed Minute to Win It games that families can enjoy, along with detailed descriptions and what you’ll need for each game:

Jingle Bell Toss:


  • Jingle Bells
  • Buckets or containers

Description: Set up a few buckets at varying distances and assign different point values to each. Participants have one minute to toss jingle bells into the buckets, trying to score as many points as possible.

Tip: Vary the distances of the buckets to add difficulty levels. Use different-sized jingle bells for extra challenge.

Variation 1 – Blindfold Toss: Participants wear blindfolds while tossing jingle bells. A teammate can give verbal directions to guide the blindfolded player.

Variation 2 – Team Toss: Divide participants into teams. Team members take turns tossing jingle bells into the buckets, and the team with the highest cumulative score wins.

Candy Cane Hook:


  • Candy Canes
  • String
  • Small objects or ornaments

Description: Tie a piece of string to the curved end of a candy cane. Hang small objects or ornaments from the other end. Participants must use the candy cane to hook and transport as many items as possible within one minute.

Tip: Adjust the length of the string to control the difficulty. You can also have different point values for different objects.

Variation 1 – Speed Round: Participants have 30 seconds to hook as many items as possible. The player or team with the most hooked items at the end wins.

Variation 2 – Obstacle Hook: Place obstacles (chairs, tables) between the hooker and the objects to add an extra challenge.



  • Christmas Ornaments or any supplies you’d like to stack

Description: Participants have one minute to stack as many Christmas ornaments as possible into a tower. The catch is that the ornaments must be stacked one on top of the other without falling.

Tip: Choose ornaments of various sizes and shapes. Encourage strategic stacking to prevent the tower from toppling.

Variation 1 – Blindfold Stack: Participants are blindfolded while stacking ornaments. A teammate can provide verbal guidance.

Variation 2 – One-Handed Stack: Participants must stack ornaments using only one hand. This increases the difficulty level.


  • Christmas cookies
  • Whipped cream

Description: Place a Christmas cookie on the forehead of each participant. Without using hands, they must maneuver the cookie into their mouth using only facial muscles. For an added twist, participants can be blindfolded.

Tip: Select cookies that are not too heavy. For added fun, use different types of cookies and see who can successfully maneuver each.

Variation 1 – Cookie Tower: Stack multiple cookies on the forehead, and participants must get them all into their mouths without dropping any.

Variation 2 – Cookie Relay: Form teams, and each team member must successfully move the cookie from one teammate’s forehead to another without using hands.

Snowman Wrap:


  • Toilet paper

Description: Divide participants into teams. One person becomes the “snowman,” and the rest wrap them in toilet paper to create a snowman costume. The team with the most creatively wrapped snowman at the end of one minute wins.

Tip: Prioritize creativity over speed. Have extra rolls of toilet paper in case of tearing. Take pictures of the finished snowmen for a memorable moment.

Variation 1 – Mummy Wrap: Wrap participants in toilet paper to resemble mummies. The team with the best mummy wrap wins.

Variation 2 – Fastest Wrap: Challenge teams to see who can wrap their snowman the fastest while still being creative.

Reindeer Antler Ring Toss:


  • Inflatable reindeer antlers
  • Rings (can be made from paper or plastic)

Description: Participants wear inflatable reindeer antlers on their heads and attempt to toss rings onto the antlers. Assign different point values for rings on different antler prongs.

Tip: Make the toss distance suitable for the age group. Increase the challenge by making the antlers bob or move.

Variation 1 – Moving Target: Have someone hold the inflatable antlers and move around. Participants must toss rings onto the moving target.

Variation 2 – Blindfold Toss: Blindfold participants while tossing rings onto the antlers for an added challenge.

Stocking Guess:


  • Christmas stockings
  • Various small items (e.g., ornaments, candy canes)

Description: Fill several stockings with different Christmas items. Participants have one minute to feel the stockings and guess the contents. The person with the most correct guesses wins.

Tip: Use a variety of items with distinct shapes and textures. Consider adding a few tricky items for an extra challenge.

Variation 1 – Mystery Stockings: Keep the contents of the stockings a mystery. Participants must guess not only the items but also what the items represent.

Variation 2 – Memory Game: Show the contents of the stocking for a few seconds, then cover them. Participants must remember and write down as many items as they can.

Santa’s Beard Relay:


  • Vaseline
  • Cotton balls

Description: Coat one participant’s face with Vaseline. The other team members must then stick as many cotton balls as possible to create Santa’s beard within one minute. Repeat with different team members.

Tip: Apply a thin layer of Vaseline to make it challenging but not too messy. Ensure the cotton balls stick well. It’s hilarious to watch the transformation.

Variation 1 – Multiplayer Relay: Instead of a single player, have teams relay the process of applying Vaseline and attaching cotton balls to create Santa’s beard.

Variation 2 – Blindfolded Relay: Blindfold participants during the relay, making it more challenging and amusing.

christmas charades

Christmas Charades:


Description: Have a set of Christmas-themed charades cards. Participants take turns acting out the holiday-themed phrases without speaking, while the others guess within the one-minute time frame.

Tip: Prepare a mix of easy and challenging charades cards. Have a timer visible to keep track of the one-minute limit.

Variation 1 – Reverse Charades: Instead of one person acting out, have the entire group act out the charade for one person to guess.

Variation 2 – Sound Charades: Participants can use sounds and gestures but cannot speak while acting out the charade.

Gift Wrap Race:


  • Wrapping paper
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Empty boxes

Description: Each participant has one minute to wrap an empty box with wrapping paper, tape, and scissors. The catch is that they must use only one hand, making it a fun and challenging gift-wrapping race.

Tip: Pre-cut wrapping paper to size for younger participants. Set up multiple wrapping stations for simultaneous races.

Variation 1 – Obstacle Course: Create an obstacle course that participants must navigate while wrapping the gift. Include challenges like crawling under tables or stepping over cushions.

Variation 2 – Blindfolded Wrap: Blindfold participants and have a teammate guide them in the wrapping process.

These games are designed to be lighthearted and entertaining for families during the Christmas season. Adjust the rules and materials as needed based on the age group and preferences of the participants. Enjoy the holiday festivities!

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