How To Win The Hamilton Lottery – We Won And You Can Too

We just won the Hamilton lottery and I want to tell you all about it. I’ve been entering like crazy for the last few months – every single day of the week! It didn’t even matter when the show took place.

HAMILTON lottery

Any hour. Any day. I was in!!! I was even willing to take my daughter out of school and go to a matinee if that’s what it took to get into Hamilton.  And you know what? It finally happened.

I wanted to write this post for you because I need you to keep trying. I know entering the Hamilton lottery and losing every single DAY (OF YOUR LIFE OMG) feels so defeating.

But I know about 4 people that have won. I even know a girl that’s won TWICE. It is possible to get these tickets! I am living proof and now YOU know a person that has won the Hamilton lottery too.

How To Win The Hamilton Lottery – We Won And You Can Too

How To Win The Hamilton Lottery - We Won And You Can Too

How to Enter the Hamilton Lottery:

Personally,  the easiest way I feel anyone can enter on a regular basis is to download the Hamilton Lottery app. Click here to visit their website and grab the iPhone or Android version.

You can also enter daily through their website, but we are a very mobile nation. It’s just easier to get a little notification once a day on your phone and press one button. Boom – done.

Once you finally win – and I do believe you will – you have the chance to get up to two tickets. The person who won the lottery must be present to get the tickets at the box office.

I have my mother entering every single day for Natalie as well and she understands that if she wins the lotto, she will have to take Natalie to the show – not me.

The cost of each ticket is $10. Yes, you read that correctly. TEN SMACK-A-ROOS. Not the $400+ you see online. I mean, I recognize this is an amazing show, but I can’t allocate that type of money right now towards an evening in the city.

No matter how much my daughter has been begging.

That’s why the Hamilton lottery was created. It was put in place for families who cannot afford the high ticket price but still are desperate for a little culture and a lot of singing.

Apparently, there are several rows in the front of the house that are dedicated to the Hamilton lottery winners. They are great seats – or so I am told. I will report back to you on this after the show.

My daughter doesn’t know yet. Natalie is going to cry when I tell her. I just know it. She has been singing the soundtrack on repeat for the last year – over and over again like a champ.

She knows every word, every beat, every movement. To actually be able to now see it live… I could cry for HER!

Enter the Hamilton lottery today and for the rest of the year until you win! Don’t give up.


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