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What’s In My Makeup Bag? Contouring Essentials

What’s in my makeup bag? All new makeup products and I’m so happy about the upgrade! I recently spent some time researching what I would need to start a contouring routine and came up with makeup essentials that I just had to share.

what's in my makeup bag

Ever since my major makeup haul upgrade, doing my face has been a breeze! Here’s what you need to start contouring your nose and your cheeks for the right price.

What’s In My Makeup Bag? Contouring Essentials

So, let’s break down what’s in my makeup bag. I use a combination of liquid and powder coverage, primer, and highlighters to get my everyday look. And just so you know – it doesn’t take very long as soon as you get the process down.

makeup essentials

Here I am fresh-faced. I wanted you to see that I have rosacea which means that I need extra coverage on a regular basis. If you don’t feel like you need as much coverage as me, perhaps you can skip the liquid foundation? But that is something you need to figure out on your own.

how to contour your nose

The Absolute Basics For A Full Face Of Makeup

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Before I put any makeup on, I always start with primer. Primer ensures that your makeup stays PUT. The older you get, the quicker your makeup just FALLS off of your face. LOL! So, primer just ensures that all your hard works lasts.

I love ELF’s Poreless Primer Putty because not only does it retail for under $10 but it WORKS. Apply your primer with your fingers all over your face. This is, of course, after moisturizer and sunscreen.

contouring 101

Now, it is time to apply your liquid foundation all over your face – even on your ears. Blend it down to your neck. Don’t leave any notable lines anywhere.

In order to make sure I am blending properly, I use a beauty blender (which you have to wet first before applying to your face). Then I just dab all over my face and make sure I cover up all the redness (thanks to that rosacea) before getting ready for my next step.

how to contour an oval face

I bought this next makeup wonder thanks to TikTok – no joke. In fact, a few of these items came from TikTok and I’m not ashamed to admit that! Revolution Conceal and Define is awesome!! I drag a line right down the center of my nose and make a triangle under my eyes and between my eyebrows.

Then I take the beauty blender and blend one more time. Once all the foundation is set, I pick up my powder palette – which I am freaking obsessed with!! It is so cheap, too!

contouring with powder

I bought this at Ulta – 8L Lo-Fi Sculpt & Shimmer Palette – and I will live and die with it. What’s in my makeup bag? THIS! FOREVER!

To contour my cheeks, I grab a brush and mix the darkest three browns and swipe up a few different areas on my face.

ulta makeup haul

Kim Kardashian taught me this contouring secret on TikTok. Have I mentioned that I learned all of my makeup tricks on TikTok yet? OMG I AM NOT EVEN embarrassed. I’m not kidding!

Basically, you will want to make a three on each side of your face.

So, you start on your cheek bone and then also connect your jawline and the top of your face. It’s like a strange, warped three. A three that has the top flying off. Do that on both sides and connect in the center.

So, your chin and the center of your forehead should connect both sides of your face. I don’t go very heavy with the contouring with the powder. You can REALLY GO AT IT WITH THIS STEP. I don’t.

how to contour with liquid foundation

How To Contour Your Nose

Ok, now we are up to contouring 101 – how to contour your nose. Get a brush and use the same powder you used on your cheeks. Outline the sides of your nose and bring up the powder to the bottom of your eyebrows.

Drag your brush up your nose and across your eyes – following your eyebrows. Up and over. You will blend this out – don’t worry!

Then put a line on the bottom of your nose – between your nostrils.

doing makeup in 40s

Clean your brush and then grab one of the highlighter colors. Drag the highlighter color across the center of your nose.

full coverage makeup

You can also add the highlighter to the top of your cheeks. I don’t use blush, but you can add some during this step as well. I just don’t like any red because I have rosacea.

powder and makeup

When you have everything on your face – you are ready to BLEND. Grab a HUGE brush and start to blend everything together.

before and after contouring

We aren’t done yet – OMG THIS FEELS SO LONG – BUT IT IS NOT. This takes me 10 minutes!!

I use MORPHE Bake and Set Powder and put it above the bottom part of the contouring on my jawline and I put it under my eyelids. I just press it down using the brush I just used to blend my powder in.

It looks crazy. It looks like flour on my face. But I leave it there while I work on my eye makeup.

whats in my makeup bag essentials

I am not going to walk you through my eye makeup because that’s just this eyeshadow palette, some liquid eyeliner, and mascara. The main pieces I really wanted to show you regarding what’s in my makeup bag was the contouring pieces!

The last picture right above is unedited. It’s me – in my bedroom – with no edits. I have wrinkles under my eyes because I’m 42… but you can see the contouring around my nose. No contouring will get rid of wrinkles. LOL! The point of this post was about COVERAGE.

I hope taking a look at what’s in my makeup bag has helped you in some way! I think it’s always fun to look and see what my friends are using.

Curious about what’s in my makeup bag when it comes to lipstick? Here are my favorite finds!

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