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Mel Science Subscription Review: The Chemistry Kit From MEL Science

Fostering a love for science in your home? Be sure to read this Mel Science subscription review and order a box for your children! Hands-on experiments that are fun, engaging, and educational that come right to your doorstep.

Mel Science subscription review

At MEL Science, they have created a standalone educational package that will captivate the interest of your child by demonstrating the real science in all of its beauty and depth.

It’s pretty awesome, actually. Imagine, something designed to be fun and interactive that actually lets your kids hands get dirty while learning about how amazing science is??

Mel Science Subscription Review: The Chemistry Kit From MEL Science

MEL Chemistry kit

What’s included in the Mel Chemistry kit

  • 38 interactive hands-on chemistry sets;
  • Complementary app for smartphone or tablet;
  • Personal access to the website with fresh and interesting scientific stories.
MEL Science starter kit review

Unlike other products that are single-use, these hands-on sets constitute a do-it-at-home year-long chemistry course, which is both fun and engaging. This Mel Science review will tell you everything you need to know to get started. 

Chemistry kit for kids

It’s 2016, dude, so you must have an app, right?  Natalie was in love. I feel like I have to include that in my Mel Science Review.

The complementary app serves as a virtual 3D microscope enabling your child to better visualize what happens in each experiment at the molecular level. And the website will let you find out more about the topic of each experiment, as well as answer all related questions.

MEL Chemistry is the first educational package that actually teaches you chemistry instead of showing tricks with a scientific slant. It’s awesome.

So interactive and such a great way to visualize and learn. So great. I would have loved this as a kid.

kids using a science kit

How It Started

The founders came together because they are all science geeks. Almost everyone on their small team became seriously addicted to science back in childhood.

Some got hooked on chemistry, and others — on mathematics and physics, but they all did well and really excelled. If you add up their results in scientific Olympiads, then together they:

  • twice took the first diploma in city Olympiads and four times — at national competitions in chemistry,
  • twice took the first diploma in city Olympiads and once — in All-Russian Olympiad in Physics,
  • in mathematics, they took second place,
  • yet, they also took the first diploma in the country in programming.

That’s some serious winning right there. Power to the geeks! LOL!! So cool. These people are really into this, and it shows. 

girls STEM

When It Hit Them

When they started to raise their children, they realized that science education was not what they thought it should be. They thought it could and should be so much more.

Much more fun, much more interactive, much more exciting. They wanted to pass the knowledge about science in an easy, interesting, and effective way.

This pretty much sums up my thoughts exactly. The difference here is that these pro-science geeks/lovers had the will and they know how to really implement their plan and try to make a real difference. Fantastic!

Ok, let’s continue on with this Mel Science subscription review. Have I mentioned the words “GIRLS DOING STEM” yet?

Nothing excited me more than watching my daughter working on this project and really needing to figure out this kit. It was such a puzzle and I Ioved it. 

Mel Science Subscription Review – How MEL Science Works

By subscribing to MEL Chemistry, you will receive three new chemistry sets every month by mail. Each set will contain 2-3 interesting experiments that can do with your kids over the weekend (or as soon as that box arrives at your door). It’s a perfect way to keep the learning fresh and current.

The kids won’t get bored doing the same thing over and over again. You know I love my monthly subscription boxes…and this one is actually good for you and the kids! LOL! You can’t beat that.

How MEL Science Works

Making Science Fun and Engaging

Many people are afraid of chemistry, but the folks at MEL have done everything possible to make the experiments as safe as possible. There are no explosions. No harmful substances whatsoever.

There are 100s of experiments that, I can attest to, that are safe, fun, and informative.

At MEL Science, they don’t just create interesting experiments, they make sure that you understand the underlying science. Check the difference. Here is a neat experiment involving the combustion of hydrogen bubbles:

Is it a cool experiment? Yes! Will your children learn from it? No. However, if we show what is happening at the molecular level, the understanding will be completely different:

Well, what do you think? Are you as excited about all of this as I was when I jumped at the chance to test this out?

My kids were over the moon, they couldn’t stop. They wanted to another experiment and then another. It really got them thinking about and starting to love all that science and chemistry have to offer.

This is invaluable, don’t you think? So many kids just don’t pay any attention to the sciences these days and would rather just veg out and play mindless games on the iPad.

This changes all of that, and I couldn’t be happier. When they didn’t blow up the house…I was completely sold and all in!!! ;o)

Done with this Mel Science Subscription Review? Ready to find out more about MEL Science? Please check out their blog for more information.

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