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The Liberty Science Center Infinity Climber with Melissa Gorga (PLUS Giveaway)

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The Liberty Science center has a lot to offer young minds. Now with the new addition of the Infinity Climber, there is also something to add to the physical imagination. The Infinity Climber is located on the 3rd floor next to the rock climbing and animal exhibits. This exhibit is designed to

Approaching the Infinity climber for the first time is a little overwhelming. It is much bigger in person then you can imagine and looks a bit intimidating from the outside. Parents may be skeptical to let their young children enter this maze that is suspended in the air, but kids of all ages cannot wait to get inside and explore once they se eyes on it. It is structurally sound, and once you take the first step inside, you immediately are put at ease as far an any safety concerns go because of the stability. It does not sway or budge at all, in fact up to 50 children and adults can navigate the exhibit at once, allowing school groups and families to get moving together.

It consists of 64 petal-like platforms for children to climb on. They all lead to different sections of the climber, and appear as a maze inside. “It’s like an extreme version of the touch tunnel” at a whopping 21,000 lbs – a fun fact to share with your little ones! It is surrounded by 19 miles of hand-threaded wire that forms a protective mesh to prevent climbers from falling and it feels very secure when you’re inside.

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I have to say, from personal experience, it is a bit hard to contort your body to fit through some of the sections, but as long as you’re flexible, you should be OK. I went in with my 6 year old son, and overall, we were inside for a good 15 minutes. I got out after 10 minutes, and he stayed in to concur the top section of the climber which is just level with floor #4. I thought he may be a little scared of the height, being that it is 35 feet above the floor, but he didn’t mention it at all and flew through the “maze” inside. He was all smiles!

The Infinity climber could not have come to life at a better time. Children of all ages are in love with Spiderman, and with this exhibit, they’re as close as they can get to being Spiderman in his web

“The World’s First Suspended Climbing Play Space of its kind.”

That is no small feat. We had to test this out ourselves to see just what was to offer. The Exhibit is 35 feet off above the atrium floor, so the children can look down on onlookers who are watching them climb as well, adding that special feeling of everyone seeing them doing something cool. The wire mesh is there to secure the climbing exhibit but still allow the children to feel that they’re suspended in the air. From within the climber the children can see multiple levels of the science center which is a plus!

As always with the Liberty Science Center, the NYC Skyline is just a step outside of the door. This is true with the Infinity Exhibit as well, you can go right through the doors a few feet away and check out the sky scrapers to take a break once you’re done climbing!

We really enjoyed the Infinity climber and I would recommend it for anyone with children who love to climb (what child doesn’t?). It will certainly keep them entertained for as long as you let them stay in there.

 *This post was written by Cheryl Kosinski from The411Mommas.

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