What it Was Like to Date in the 90s by VH1’s New Show Hindsight

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Dating in general is complicated enough, but nowadays you have to navigate your way beyond phones with cords to figure out how to woo your potential significant other via dating apps, social media profiles and more. Whereas twenty years ago, courting and dating was a little more hands on.

Here are seven ways dating has changed drastically from the 90s to 2014 and why that’s a great (or bad) thing for your singlehood.

The Selection Process

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Back in the 90s, you had to go to the mall or local arcade and look for your future bf/gf amongst a few dozen potentials. Now, with dating apps, you can easily see who is single, their sexual orientation and their likes and dislikes while swiping left or right from the comfort of your couch.

Getting to Know Someone


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In the 90s you had to ask questions and take notes when it came to learning what music they like, foods they crave, and other top favs. Now, you can Google, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram-stalk your crush to learn what they like vs. actually talking to them back in the day. Also, you can instantly like or reject someone from a mini paragraph description on their social media profiles. #efficiency!

Leaving a Message

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You were forced to deal with the agony of leaving voicemails on landlines within a matter of seconds that felt like eternity. Now, you can carefully construct flirty text messages with just the right hint of wit after having your friends edit every single word.

The Internet

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You had to wait hours for your parents to finish using the phone so you could finally get on AOL to talk to your bae. Now you can hit up your boo any time of the day whether it’s to send a funny meme or a kissy face selfie.

The Date

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Before, you jammed out to Backstreet Boys or *NSYNC while getting ready. Now, you get pumped up with a little A$AP Rocky or Drizzy. Also, you relied on crop tops and platforms (or mushroom part ‘do, if you’re a dude) to show off your style. Actually, that hasn’t changed much. Finally, the date meant your parents dropped you off at the movies back in the 90s. Now, you Uber over to a fancy sushi dinner at Koi for bourgie drinks.

The Courtship Phase

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Back then you could make radio shout-outs or mixtapes for your hunnay, or, if you were an overachiever, stand outside with a large boombox to proclaim your love. Now it’s all about name-dropping your crush within Tweets and Instagram descriptions and liking/reblogging their selflies to your blog.

The Break-up

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Before, break-ups were tough in person (or over the phone) but at least you I’ll didn’t have to deal with the anguish of breaking up with them over all your social media platforms and seeing their “I’m better off without you” status updates. But, then again, you can be the one driving them crazy with filtered photos of you with your next dating conquest.

Whether you prefer dating with AIMs or Facebook messages, head back in time with VH1’s new series Hindsight, a new dramedy that explores everyone’s ultimate dream – the chance to go back in time and do things differently the second time around.

Hindsight premieres Wednesday January 7th, 10/9c only on VH1.

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