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Thanksgiving Worksheet For Kids – “Find Someone Who” Activity

This Thanksgiving worksheet for kids is a great way to inspire conversation during the holiday. Get your children to put down their phones and walk around the holiday table in an attempt to get to know their family instead. This Find Someone Who game is the perfect holiday ice breaker!

find someone who

Thanksgiving Worksheet For Kids – Find Someone Who Activity

This Find Someone Who Thanksgiving printable will encourage a day of no electronics! Doesn’t that sound marvelous? I know, we struggle with getting the kids to plug into the experience whenever we go visit extended cousins and I think printable Thanksgiving games will help everyone do just that. 

There’s nothing I hate more than to look down the long table of family and friends and see my kids HEADS DOWN looking at TikTok or YouTube during a holiday function. I mean… they are there with us in the room, sure! But are they really present?

It’s unhealthy. As parents, we have to do our part to make sure that they are engaging and WITH US while we still have them. 

Before we know it, these children will be off to college and starting lives of their own. Don’t get me started on how fast time is flying. I want our kids to still be kids while they are under our umbrellas.

And so, I created a few games to keep them in that frame of mind. I hope you consider using this Find Someone Who one in a few days when you gather with your loved ones. 

How Does A Find Someone Who Game Work?

Let’s talk a little bit about how a Find Someone Who game works. First, download your copy of this free Thanksgiving activity for kids. Click here to save a copy to your desktop. There are two different styles for you to choose from within the PDF. 

find someone who worksheet

I would give a copy of this activity to each child that is attending the holiday dinner. If you have any adults that want to play along – please feel free to give them a page as well. The more the merrier!! 

Then, while everyone is enjoying their appetizers and small talk, allow the kids to run around and get to know their relatives. What are some of the questions they will be asking?

  • Loves turkey
  • Has a sibling
  • Is related to you
  • Owns a pet
  • Is wearing something related to Thanksgiving
  • Brought a dessert
  • Lives in the same neighborhood as you
  • Is an only child
  • Who likes cranberry sauce
  • Has brown eyes
  • Is wearing a watch
  • Has black shoes on
  • Doesn’t have any brothers
  • Who doesn’t like chocolate
  • Who goes to the gym
  • Who lives with their parents
  • Likes football
  • Has traveled to Europe
  • Knows how to play the piano
  • Who hates sweet potatoes
  • Has baked an apple pie
  • Who loves mac and cheese

Here’s the beauty of this activity sheet – not everything relates to Thanksgiving! So, the conversation won’t revolve entirely around turkey! This means that people can start talking about their personal lives. 

thanksgiving worksheet

They can bring up memories of past trips to Europe, how many times they go to the gym during the week, how they used to be the captain of the football team – you name it!

People love to talk about themselves and this is always a great way to veer the conversation about from HOT TOPICS that usually end up boiling over into heated arguments.

Keep it light! Who doesn’t eat chocolate? Let’s talk about that!! 

find someone who fun game for kids

Other Thanksgiving Related Activities

find someone who

Will you like to have your children use this Thanksgiving worksheet? Do you think they will enjoy learning more about your family and friends? Would love to hear. 

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