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Talking About Laundry Safety With Friends – Laundry Tips For Families

I’ve been a member of the Tide Fabric Care Advisory Board for several years now. In fact, I think that I’ve had a working partnership with Tide for nearly a decade sharing laundry tips with my readers. 

Laundry Tips For Families

But my love for the brand spans further than any gig. I grew up with Tide. Living in a multi-generational house and sharing one laundry room with my mother, grandmother, and aunt, there was always one detergent that was available on our shelves – Tide.

It’s the only scent I’ve known! Naturally, when I became a parent myself, I turned to my history and memories when deciding what was right for my family. And boy do I do a lot of laundry at home for my party of five!

Talking About Laundry Safety With Friends – Laundry Tips For Families

All my baskets of folded clothes got me thinking…what do my friends use? And better yet  – how do they use it?  Do they have any laundry tips to share? Are they fans of Tide? If not, do they understand all the important safety features that are in place with the current product line?

With all this history under my belt, I thought it would be fun to invite three families over for a little pizza and a quick chat about laundry safety and laundry tips for the home. And yes, we got a little hands on! 🙂

Tide Pods packaging

Laundry Care Safety Tips:

Luckily, I have friends that accept my crazy ways! So, when I asked them to come over for a laundry safety playdate – they were in!! 😉 We discussed several safety checks as a group – even Bill chimed in a few times with some laundry tips (he was behind the camera, trust me he was there).

In hindsight, I should have filmed the whole thing, but I was too busy playing hostess. Either way, I wanted to point out a few of our takeaways in case you need a laundry safety refresher as well.

Laundry Tips:

(1) It’s important to follow all recommended product instructions. The packages are filled with great information and I showed my guests where they can look to find all home safety warnings.

(2) Keep these products away from children at all times – whether you are using Tide purclean or Tide Pods. As far as storage is concerned, it is best to keep your detergent up high and closed.

(3) Handle the pacs with dry hands – always. This will help prevent the pacs from dissolving outside the washer machine.

(4) Wash your hands after handling any detergent products.

(5) Never use empty detergent containers for storing any other materials.

Tide Pods with 4 in 1 Downy

Poison Control Center Phone Number:

I also thought it was important to make sure everyone knew the Poison Control Center’s phone number. Everyone did which was so nice to see!! My family has 1-800-222-1222 right on our fridge just in case the kids need to access it in an emergency.

There are three numbers on our fridge. 911, Poison Control, and Bill’s father. These are the top three emergency numbers that we believe our children should know.

Do you have something like this in place? In a time of crisis, you never know what your children will remember or forget. Having an emergency pad on the refrigerator or on a wall in your kitchen can truly make a world of a difference. Friends, this is SUCH an important laundry tip!!!


When Should I Call Poison Control?

While skin contact with laundry products usually causes no serious medical effects, it’s always best to rinse the skin well with water. If product gets into someone’s eye, be sure to thoroughly rinse with water for 15 minutes and seek further medical advice. 

If a product is swallowed, drink a glass of water or milk and contact the Poison Control Center (1-800-222-1222) or doctor immediately. Do not induce vomiting.

friends discussing laundry trips

Tide PODS® Child-Guard™ Tub

I wanted to show my friends the Child-Guard Tub that Tide created as an extra security deterrent for the kids. In case you are wondering how to open it up yourself, I copied the directions below from

To open the Tide PODS® Child-Guard™ Tub:

  1. Squeeze the tabs on both sides of the lid, and twist counterclockwise.
  2. Release the tabs to remove the lid.
  3. When finished, place the lid securely on the tub, making sure it’s not crooked.
  4. Twist the lid clockwise until you hear it click and lock into place.
  5. Always store the tub up, closed, and out of reach of children.

friends discussing laundry trips

Tide PODS® Child-Guard™ Pack

I actually really love to travel with these Tide PODS® Child-Guard™ packs. As you know, my family is always on the go. We throw one of these new packs in our suitcase and hit the road whenever we can.

If you are someone who lives in an apartment or who has to walk up and down a flight of stairs to access the washing machine, this is a great light-weight option for your laundry needs. Such a great laundry tip to remember.

To open the Tide PODS® Child-Guard™ Pack you will need to:

  1. Turn the bag to face you, and move the red slider to the left side of the package.
  2. Line up the red slider with the notch on the white zipper track.
  3. Press the top down, and slide to the right. Keep pressing the top of the red slider while sliding it.
  4. Always make sure to reseal the bag by sliding the red slider back to the left when finished, and store the bag up and out of the reach of children.

friends discussing laundry trips

All in all, we had a wonderful time chatting about laundry safety and talking about our favorite laundry tips! Nothing beats an afternoon with friends… and pizza. 🙂 Our kids had their very own playdate in the basement which was an added bonus.

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