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Never Forget September 11th 2001

Thank God I did this video last year on 9/11, because I don’t have the strength to tell this story again. I feel like it is important to tell on the 9/11 anniversary though because people need to remember. And the young children who weren’t around at the time, well, they need to learn our […]

Glade Partners with Cirque Du Soleil For Scent-Inspired Performance

Glade®, known for their tantalizing scents, entered into a year-long partnership with Cirque Du Soleil to demonstrate how any of Glade’s 37 fragrances can “incite emotion, spark the imagination and arouse the senses.” The partnership was launched with a performance in Madison Square Park. Inspired by Glade® fragrances Pumpkin Pie Diner™, Apple Cinnamon, Red Honeysuckle Nectar®, […]