5 Reasons The GB Qbit Is The Go-Everywhere Stroller For Your Baby

4As a blogger, I’ve reviewed no fewer than 5 strollers in the 9 months since my son has been in existence. I’ve reviewed strollers that go with my car seat, super lightweight ones, city ones….the list goes on. Right now, of those strollers, the only one I use in the GB Qbit. If you’re stroller shopping, here are 4 reasons the GB Qbit is the one for you and your baby.

  1. It passes the New York subway test for being lightweight.


If you live in New York and take the subway, you know how important it is to have a stroller that you can effortlessly lift up and down stairs. Very few stations have elevators so that means I’ve been building my arm muscles with my little ones. I wanted a stroller that was super light and easy to carry. The GB Qbit is just that. It’s lightweight while being sturdy. It doesn’t feel like it’s about to buckle under my child’s weight but it also doesn’t have a ton of extra bulk. I’ve stopped using strollers because I take the train with him all the time and they just didn’t cut it. It also passes the bus test. I will never forget the time I took the bus and the driver told me I couldn’t come in unless I folded up my stroller. I literally needed help from 2 other passengers to get that sucker down. With the GB Qbit, It folds with one hand and unfolds just as easily.

2)  It fits inside of a shopping bag.

I didn’t believe this when I first heard about it but it totally does. We live by the beach and it has been such an advantage to fold up the GB Qbit, put into the bag (it comes with a bag), sling it over my shoulder and have an extra free hand. Talk about creative design. Because it’s so lightweight (it weighs 14 lbs), it’s actually super easy to carry on your shoulder for long periods of time. I was expecting to have to finagle with it quite a bit to fit it into the bag so imagine my surprise when it just slipped right in. I closed it with the velcro tab and that was it. Click here to see a video of exactly how the stroller fits into a shopping bag. The GB Qbit is also terrific for trips to city parks, water parks, etc. The GB Qbit eliminates the need to use a hand to push an empty stroller or to carry a folded stroller.

3) The straps and closure are sturdy and secure.


I find that most lightweight strollers go light on security on the straps but GB Qbit absolutely did not. The straps are pretty secure. The shoulder pads make it really comfortable for my guy. I also love the buckle. It’s very secure but easy to snap on and off for me. It’s a bit harder for his little fingers to work the snap which is perfect because he fiddles with it. This is even more important for me on the subway. I’ve been thinking about what to do in an emergency and it’s super easy to unsnap my little one and pull him out of the stroller.

4) It fits in a New York closet.

This is a big one. We have limited closet space in our apartment and even less space for big, bulky items. When folded, the GB Qbit fits really neatly at the bottom of the our coat closet. In New York, every bit of closet real estate is super valuable and we were using up so much space to store folded strollers. The GB Qbit just slides right in and takes up minimal space.  As a bonus, this stroller fits in most overhead cabins on planes.

5) The wide canopy


We take lots of walks with my little one and I was finding that certain strollers didn’t have canopies that came all the way over the top. When the sun hits, this meant that my poor baby was sitting directly in the sun. With this stroller, the canopy is wide and covers the top completely. My little one is literally in a little cocoon inside the stroller. It’s so perfect.

The GB Qbit is my new favorite stroller, hands down. We’ve traveled all over with it. We’ve been to Vermont, Delaware, Connecticut and all over New York City. If you’re looking for one stroller to invest in for your child that he or she can grow with, this is the one for you. It also works with adapters GB Asana35 and GB Asana35 AP for a complete travel system. Click here for more information.

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