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Dress For Success In Marshalls Dresses – #GoAhead With Marshalls

If you are a fan of Marshall Dresses then you are going to love this post. I spent an inspirational morning with Marshalls and Dress for Success learning about how to pursue my goals and helping women dress to impress for job interviews. Celebrity Stylist Estee Stanley and Life Coach Lauren Zander were on hand to inspire and guide.

Marshalls Dresses

I also got the chance to work with one of the women and help create a look – including a few Marshall Dresses – for a job interview. It was an incredibly moving experience to see her find a look that she felt amazing in.

Marshalls shoes selection

Marshalls Dresses – Dress For Success Helps Women #GoAhead With Marshalls

I am not into self-help speakers, books, DVDs, etc., but if you listen to Lauren Zander, you’re likely to want to get up off your butt and follow your dreams. I did. She guided us through an exercise where we identified a small goal that we can do daily that can help us feel proud. I chose singing with my baby.

I only know 2 songs and I am such a bad singer so I really don’t like singing. He seems to love it, though, so I do it daily. My small goal was to learn more songs to sing to him.

Reaching small goals can help you feel empowered and stronger by just doing one little thing. Then, we picked a bigger goal. Mine was to get back into a workout routine.

Lauren helped me identify what excuses I was making to get in the way of this. She also talked about setting up consequences and creating accountability by telling others.

That’s where social media comes in. It’s a great place to announce your goals so people can encourage you to work towards them.

clothing rack at Marshalls

Marshalls found in a study that 3 out of 4 women hold themselves back from opportunities because of a lack of confidence. That’s where Dress For Success came in. They brought a group of women to the event that needed to get ready for the work world.

They then paired them up with us bloggers and editors. I was paired with Melissa. I went through Marshalls’ racks and helped her pick some Marshalls Dresses that were appropriate but that she also loved.

She tried on a bunch of Marshalls Dresses and found an outfit she loved. Now, she’s ready for her interview, thanks to Marshalls. This is all part of Marshalls’ #GoAhead movement. It’s intended to help women move closer to their goals with confidence.

Dress for Success in partnership with Marshalls

Click here to check out Marshalls and here for Dress For Success.


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