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John Hancock Teams With Chris O’Donnell For Vitality Village in Grand Central Terminal #5MoreNow

John Hancock teamed with Actor Chris O’Donnell to launch a new initiative to show consumers how they can get 5 More Now at the John Hancock Vitality Village at Grand Central Terminal this morning. John Hancock is a financial services group that offers clients a diverse range of financial protection products and wealth management services. They launched the John Hancock Vitality Program, a program that rewards healthy living. Today, they showed everyone how they could work on getting 5 more minutes, 5 more hours, even 5 more days, though health and wellness. As a father of 5, Chris talked about the importance of staying in shape mentally and physically. At Vitality Village, passersby stopped to check out the different stations that taught them a bit about getting more time out of their lives. I had a great time working out at the boot camp class, getting a massage and finding out more about the benefits of great health with John Hancock.


The John Hancock Vitality Program helps people invest in their health and wealth at the same time. John Hancock partnered with Vitality to reward consumers for being healthy. It’s a whole new kind of life insurance that gives people the opportunity to significantly save on their premiums and earn valuable rewards and discounts just for living a health lifestyle. When consumers sign up, they get a free Fitbit which helps track their activity, sleep and health. Participants are offered rewards and discounts from brands like Amazon, Hyatt and more just for walking, getting regular check-ups and engaging in everyday healthy activities. It’s a win win for all. John Hancock launched this program with Chris O’Donnell earlier today and we had a bit of fun with him, posing in front their giant sneaker. That sure drew lots of attention in Grand Central Terminal. 2

Passersby had the chance to explore what John Hancock has to offer on their ipad stations. They also played fun games to win Fitbits. There was a juicing station where we were able to sample fresh juice made with ginger, carrots and more. I had fun getting a selfie at their selfie station. I also took part in a boot camp class. They had several throughout the day. They kicked my butt for sure. I’m still not at my best post-baby but it felt good to work out. After, I got a super relaxing massage. There is nothing quite like working out under the massive ceiling at Grand Central and topping it off with a massage.


For more information on the John Hancock Vitality Program, click here. Find out your vitality age and so much more.




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