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Daily Diary: Scratch Cake And Natalie’s First Attempt

If I showed you the amount of vanilla that slipped into this cake, you would probably get drunk instantaneously. A slight slip of the hand makes a BIG DIFFERENCE when you are baking. YYYEEEOOOWWWW!

So, Natalie wanted to make her own dessert and her Girl Scouts meeting required her to make a scratch cake. She was beyond thrilled to learn that I LITERALLY could not help her. Instead, I did what any blogger mom would do and filmed the entire thing. HA! You have no idea what a moment this was for my angel. The truth is – we are going to do this a lot more often just for fun. She was in her element. My kitchen – on the other hand – was hit by a tornado!

Here’s her official Pink Velvet Scratch Cake recipe. We added it to our Craft: Play Film channel – a YouTube channel specifically created for kids. Every video is created with kids in mind. 🙂

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