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Stride Femme Panties Combat Light Bladder Leakage

One in three women, pregnant or not, experience embarrassing bladder leaks. If you’re one of these women, it probably happens when you laugh, sneeze, cough, or engages in physical activity.

stride femme

Stride Femme – For bladder leaks 

Stride Femme Panties Combat Light Bladder Leakage

On the contrary, the underwear looks like a regular panty, with a different colored crotch area. I expected the leak-proof layer to feel like plastic but it didn’t.

stride femme bladder leakage

The Stride Femme panty comes in three cute styles. My favorite is the seamless panty. There was absolutely no visible panty line! It fits the shape of your body and stays put until you take it off.

I also like the lacy thong. This panty is telling you that you can be sexy with your clothes off without having to share your little secret, if you don’t want to. I love that, along with some feminine colors, this comes in nude and black.


The last style is a Sport Bikini for active lifestyles. This fabric is also super soft against the skin. The best part is that you can toss these in the wash with the rest of your undies.

At the launch event at the Plaza, I chatted with some of the women behind this incredible new product.

Light Bladder Leakage

Dr. Jill Rabin, author of Mind Over Bladder, told me that light leakage affects more women than we may think. Because its something most women are embarrassed about, they suffer in silence.

Hopefully, this underwear can lead to a better acceptance of the problem and the next step, which is going to a doctor and getting the right treatment. Stylist Gretta Monahan talked about the durability of the Femme Stride and that she’s so happy to tell her clients they can get rid of their panty shields and embarrassing underwear.

They can be sexy while addressing this problem. The Femme Stride panties retail for between $19.99 and $29.99 and can be found in your local Duane Reade.

Understanding Light Bladder Leakage

Light bladder leakage (LBL) is a very common problem. In fact, 1 in 3 women will experience it at some point in their lives. But despite how common it is, LBL can be a very embarrassing and inconvenient problem.

There are many different causes of LBL, but the most common is weak pelvic floor muscles. These muscles support the bladder and help to keep it closed. If they are weak, they can’t do their job properly and urine can leak out.

Pregnancy and childbirth are two of the most common causes of weak pelvic floor muscles. That’s because the extra weight of pregnancy puts a lot of strain on these muscles, and during delivery the baby passes through them.

Other causes of weak pelvic floor muscles include:

  • being overweight
  • chronic coughing or sneezing
  • constipation
  • aging

There are a number of different treatments for LBL, but the most effective is to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles with exercises like Kegels. The Stride Femme panty was specifically designed to help women with LBL. It applies gentle, constant pressure to the pelvic floor muscles to help them stay strong and prevent leakage.

About The Stride Femme Company

About The Stride Femme Company

The Stride Femme Company was founded by two women who know firsthand the challenges of living with LBL. They created the Stride Femme panty to help other women who are dealing with this common, but often embarrassing, problem.

The Stride Femme panty is just one of the products offered by the company. They also offer a line of incontinence pads that can be worn with any type of underwear. The Stride Femme Company is dedicated to helping women live their lives with confidence, despite LBL. Visit the Stride Femme website today to learn more about their products and how they can help you overcome LBL.

Different Styles Available From Stride Femme

There are a number of different styles of Stride Femme panties available, depending on your needs. The Classic style is designed for everyday use, while the Active style is perfect for working out or being active. There’s also a Pregnancy & Postpartum style that provides support during and after pregnancy.

If you’re suffering from LBL, don’t suffer in silence. There are treatments available that can help. And with the Stride Femme panty, you can finally take control of your leakage and get back to living your life with confidence.

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