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Always Launches Discreet Collection Because #peehappens


Pee happens. For pregnant women or for women past menopause, leakage is a serious issue. It can lead to embarrassment when an accident happens. Always did extensive research and discovered some interesting findings about women who suffer from urinary incontinence. 30% of women say that their sensitive bladder affects their relationship with their partner. 11% of women say their bladder issues have led to moderate to severe depression. That’s pretty shocking. Always heard their predicament and have launched the Always Discreet collection. These 3 products address the many needs of women with urinary incontinence in a very private, respectful way. The 3 products are Always Discreet Liners, Always Discreet Underwear and Always Discreet Pads and they are 40% thinner and 2 times more absorbent. To launch the collection, Always hosted a fun event with actress Marilu Henner who led a vigorous aerobics class for #throwbackthursday.


The biggest misconception of urinary incontinence is that you can use the same products you use for your period to address incontinence. These products just don’t offer the protection and odor control that you need. The Always Discreet Collection was formulated specifically for leaky bladders.

Always Discreet Liners and Pads

These liners and pads are for if your leak is light or moderate. They absorb leaks and odors in seconds, spreading the liquid through the length of the liner so that you don’t feel that heavy liquid gathering in the middle. Their unique DualLock Core locks away odor and wetness for hours. This means that it’s more comfortable for you in those moments when you can’t immediately get to a bathroom to change it. They’re also individually wrapped so that you don’t need to carry the entire bag into the bathroom with you. Because it’s so much thinner than other brands, you can wrap it securely in the wrapper and dispose of it when needed. Always found that most women don’t dispose of their liners right away. They may be at a friend’s house or a private bathroom and not want to leave any evidence behind. Always designed their odor barriers and wrapping with this in mind. No liquid will leak into your bag.

Always Discreet Underwear

If your leak requires a bit more protection, Always has designed underwear for you. These panties are thinner around the waist and hips so that they look seamless under clothing. They’re also not as high on the waist as other protective underwear because no-one wants to show the world that they’re wearing protective underwear when they bend over a bit. The underwear is for maximum protection. They’re designed with Double LeakGuards. This means that moisture is stopped from leaking outside of the underwear. They come with the advanced Triple Layer Core that pulls, traps and locks away moisture from your body. It’s also super soft and comfortable so you don’t feel like you’re wearing protective underwear.


Always Discreet brought in their research guy to tell us about all the fascinating studies and tests they did on the products to ensure that women’s needs are addressed. As it turns out, this problem affects the confidence of women the most. It influences how they hang out with their friends, where they go, how they date and their habits at work. That’s a lot to have on your mind every day. Always takes the pressure off a bit with this collection.

For more information on Always Discreet, click here.

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