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The Summer Infant 3DFlip Is Changing The Stroller Game

Baby SBJ is 3.5 months old and I can officially say that I am an expert on strollers. Before the baby was born, I shopped around extensively for one and received quite a few to review. When I received the Summer Infant 3DFlip, I thought it would be a great lightweight stroller that would be a back-up for my faithful one that works with my car seat.


The Summer Infant 3DFlip Is Changing The Stroller Game

Boy, was I wrong. The Summer Infant 3DFlip stroller has become my go-to stroller and I’m going to go ahead and say that if you live in a city, this stroller is THE one for you.

You don’t need a back-up. This is it. Read on to find out the main reason this stroller is changing the stroller game.

The Summer Infant 3DFlip stroller is super lightweight. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not very strong. I’m pretty tiny so usually, strollers that are advertised as lightweight are still heavy for me. Not this one.

I was able to lift this stroller with the baby in it to go up and down stairs. Although it’s lightweight, it doesn’t feel flimsy. It’s a sturdy stroller and you can feel it.

It’s very well-made and I can appreciate that because flimsy strollers scare me.

The Summer Infant 3DFlip stroller has lots of practical features and I’ll tell you about those but the main one is its ability to be forward and backward-facing.

Yes, you can change your baby to face you or to face outwards in the same stroller! Baby SBJ is around 13 lbs so I wanted him to face me, especially since this was my first experience with a stroller without a car seat attached.

It was super easy to figure out. I clicked the seat in place to face me and buckled him in. This stroller can fit kids below 50lbs. The straps allow you to change the fit.


I also love that the buckle at the crotch has a cute flip-down cover so kids cannot unbuckle it by accident if they’re fiddling with it. I also love the soft grip handles. This is easy on the hands, especially for long walks.


I love the clip-on cup holder but I have to tell you that it fell off several times and I eventually put it in the basket underneath. Speaking of the basket, this one is just the right amount of space for this size stroller.

I was able to fit a small shopping bag so my hands could be free. I used the stroller with the front facing me and then tested it out with the back facing out. It was equally easy to figure out.

The straps are the same on both sides and they’re both equally secure. I also love the attached bonnet. I used the stroller on a drizzly day and my little one didn’t feel a drop.


The Summer Infant 3DFlip stroller is great for city dwellers for many reasons. One is because it’s two strollers in one. Baby SBJ is at an age when I want to see his face all the time when we are out to make sure he is okay. I’m sure I will outgrow this as he gets older.

Instead of having to buy another stroller, I can simply flip this one. Another reason is because of its weight. Yet another reason is its ability to fold together very easily. So far, I’ve found it the easiest to fold together out of all the strollers I’ve tried.

Because it’s so light, it’s great for folding and carrying up and down subway stairs. Because it folds up so compactly, it saves space in your apartment. 

The Summer Infant 3DFlip stroller is changing the stroller game for all these reasons. My favorite thing about it was how easy it was to navigate.

I don’t recommend using one hand to push a stroller but there are instances when I needed to and it was a very smooth glide.


The Summer Infant 3DFlip stroller is your go-to stroller if you live in the city for babies around 12 lbs to 50 lbs. I thought I would be wary of using a stroller without a car seat so early on but I felt assured that the Summer Infant 3DFlip stroller was safe enough for my baby. Plus, he loved it!

He usually screams bloody murder when we buckle him into his car seat because he hates being constrained. With this one, he was as calm as a cucumber. No more screaming fits before we leave the house.

What a relief! Click here to read more about the Summer Infant 3DFlip stroller and to purchase it.

Company sent stroller for review. 

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