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What She Said On TLC: I’m A Cast Member!! New Show Airing In May


I’m part of the TLC cast for ‘What She Said’.  It’s official!! They just announced TODAY.

I cannot believe I am actually writing about this on my blog. I’ve been sitting on this secret for MONTHS. Oh my goodness. Remember all those trips to LA? Well, it was to shoot my segments for ‘What She Said’ and now it has a REAL start date and I just can’t believe it – and it’s all happening. And.. And… AND….


TLC’s ‘What She Said’ is a reality comedy show. It’s 10 women dishing on motherhood and having a laugh about it. Does my son spit on all the kids that walk into my house? You better believe it. If I don’t laugh… I’m going to cry. So, I will say it with a smile and call it a day.

Besides, the daily dishing, the group did some DIY tricks, had a few debates and… they even had me COOK. You will have to see what I made when it airs and believe me, it wasn’t pretty. LOL!

I still can’t believe I’m actually on a TV show. I mean, with TLC no less! Obsessed with that channel. I gave them a hint that I want to meet the Long Island Medium since she lives about 20 minutes from my house. HA!

Anyway, there will be a sneak peek of TLC’s ‘What She Said’ on May 8th – SET THOSE DVRs.

And here’s a little warning. It isn’t all funny. I cried a few times talking about life (ugh). So, it’s a full view of everything that family has to offer.

Notice anyone special in the above picture? I hope so! Both Audrey McClelland and I were cast together for the show and we couldn’t be happier! There isn’t another person on the planet that I would want to be by my side. We were hoping for more time together on the big screen – but it just didn’t work out that way. We had one half day of shooting together – I hope they liked it because I would DIE if the two of us got some air time together.

By the way – I wanted to write this entire post in CAPS. I showed MASSIVE CONTROL, people. MASSIVE CONTROL.

‘What She Said’ will air during TLC’s “Mother of All Weeks’ stunts. According to Variety:

The idea for “Mother of All Weeks” was born about six months ago as TLC execs brainstormed ways to turn the Dillard birth into a bigger event for the Discovery Communications cabler. That led them to focus on packaging new and existing series and specials under a “Shark Week”-esque umbrella brand. Also during the week, TLC will launch the “TLCme” section of its website encouraging viewers to share stories of motherhood and engage with a range of targeted content.

You will be hearing a lot about this over the next few weeks. Please, don’t KILL ME. This is just the biggest thing that has ever happened to me professionally and I can’t help but shout it from the rooftops.

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