Review: Britax B-Agile 4 Stroller Is Perfect For New Moms


I am officially a mom! 4 weeks ago, Ari joined the party and it’s been sleepless nights and daytime cuddles ever since. We’ve been hibernating for the most part except for doctor appointments. My doctor is in Manhattan so we bundle Ari up and take him with us. At first, we were schlepping his car seat into the office with us. Then, the Britax B-Agile 4 Stroller entered the picture and it’s been so much easier since. Here is a first-time mom’s opinion of the Britax B-Agile 4 Stroller.

Before Ari was born, all I wanted in a stroller was the ability to roll on 4 wheels and close easily. Now, though, my needs are much more than that. I love that the Britax B-Agile 4 Stroller has features that are practical to moms. Here are 3 things that not just work, they work really well.


1) I love the additional pocket with a zipper closure by the handles. There is a compartment below for storage, like most strollers, but Britax took it a step further with this pocket. It’s a large pocket so it can hold newspapers, wipes, diapers, etc. And it’s by the handle so that means easy access. I love that Britax not only thought of extra storage, they thought of extra storage that zips close so you can even use this area for stashing things that can’t be exposed. I can imagine going to the pediatrician and using this pocket for my wallet or immunization paperwork. It’s safer than the compartment at the bottom.


2) The extra large canopy with a ventilation window is a major plus. The canopy is for real extra large. When I use it with my car seat, it meets the car seat canopy so Ari is shielded from the cold, completely. It’s so awesome. It gives him complete protection from the elements and I can still peek at him when I need to through the ventilation window. I also love the grey color. When something comes in extra large, the last thing you want is a glaring color that is an eye sore. The grey is very calming.


3) It comes with the Britax Click & Go Infant Car Seat Receivers. Before Ari was born, I didn’t have a clue about car seat receivers. Why wouldn’t every stroller come with car seat receivers? I quickly discovered that some did not. This led to having to search for receivers that would match the car seat. If you think it sounds easy, try doing it while working on a 20+ item to-do list pre-baby. The fact that Britax thought to include it in the stroller seems logical but they should be given a medal for it. It saved us such a headache once we got the stroller.

I also love the Britax B-Agile 4 Stroller because it’s super easy to use. This means it’s not intimidating for new moms, like me. Our car seat snaps into the stroller with one click. It detaches just as easily. The stroller itself folds up by pulling the handle in the middle of the seat with one hand. So easy! Because the last thing I need is to use extra brain cells right now. I think all new moms can relate. It’s also very easy on the streets. I tried other strollers out and it’s surprising how rough the ride can be on the baby. New York streets are bumpy and no-one wants a bumpy ride especially post-feeding. This stroller glides pretty smoothly along. The swivel front wheels make turning corners a breeze once they’re facing forward. I also wanted a stroller that would feel secure and protected. You need to ensure your baby is safe in their stroller especially newborns. This stroller provides that without feeling bulky.

This stroller is the ideal one for new moms and veteran moms alike. It’s able to accommodate your little one up to 55 lbs. Ari is only 6lbs so we’re in it for the long haul. We don’t need to buy another stroller for a very long time.

The Britax B-Agile 4 Stroller is available exclusively at Babies R Us.

Sample provided for review. 



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