The Only #CES2015 Recap You Will See This Year From A Bathroom

Oh yes – go big or go home. That’s how we roll.

FULL disclosure. I lost my lens cap and I just didn’t feel like coddling my good camera all week long. Wrapping it up in my sweater – carrying it around like a child. PLEASE! Uninterested. So… I didn’t bring it. To CES. You know… the tech conference of the year. I’m the girl that’s walking around with her iPhone. It’s a 6 though, does that count?

I guess it shouldn’t surprise you that we did our first Digital Dish of the conference from the bathroom of our hotel room. We are ON IT FOLKS – ON IT!

We are going to do today’s Digital Dish from the actual conference. I promise! 🙂 For now, here’s a recap of CES 2015. Audrey and I opened up about what to wear, how to tackle the floor plan, how to find love if you are single (wait, what) and oh yeah… the cool stuff we saw on the floor.

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