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Permission To Hustle Named In ‘Top Ten Facebook Groups’ List For Women

Permission to Hustle

What wonderful news to wake up to this morning! Permission to Hustle – a group that Audrey McClelland and I started earlier this year geared towards entrepreneurs looking for business resources and inspiration – was named Top Ten Extraordinarily Empowering Facebook Groups for Women. LOVE IT!

Permission to Hustle is for Everyone!

That’s exactly what we hoped for when creating Permission to Hustle. We wanted a space where people could feel free to talk about their dreams and struggles and support one another during the process. Audrey and I are so blessed to have one another to lean on, but that’s not always the case and we recognized that. Our Facebook Group is basically an extension of an inner circle for anyone looking to contribute and to receive. It’s for every level – for every business – for every person!!

We welcome you to join!

Bring your best practices and your honest failures because the team learns from it all. Hope to see you soon in Permission to Hustle!!

And thanks to Bryce for writing us up in the article!!!

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