Celebrating Liam’s 10th Birthday – Double Digits!

That’s it! My second child has officially hit double digits. I can’t believe it. Time is flying, folks!!

In our typical tradition, we headed to the arcade to enjoy a few hours of fun right after lunch. This is a family tradition we do not want to break. Liam dominated all the shooting games (as per usual) … but so did Caleb! He’s getting better and better with age. LOL. People were actually commenting on how skilled he was for a baby. If only they knew what kind of gamer family he comes from….

All throughout the day, I kept getting hit with the notion that Liam turned 10.

I’m going to lose him just like I feel like I have lost Natalie. She has slipped away into the emoji abyss. WAHHHHH! Tween moms, you know what I am saying.

Not because she doesn’t love us… but because that’s what happens when kids get older. I still have a few years left with this little guy – so I plan on making the most of them.

It was a jam-packed day. First, we cleaned the house (FUN). Then, we headed to the arcade for some memory making. And thanks to Natalie’s big score — we had plenty of tickets to turn in at the end of it all.

This was our biggest hit YET! She was leaping in the air. It was super cute.

After that was done, we headed back to our house for Liam’s birthday party. We ordered one of those Game Trucks and all his friends had a blast! They ate pizza, played basketball, man hunt, and video games. What more does a 10-year-old-boy want?

When the group left, we rented Planet of the Apes and everyone fell asleep except for Natalie. I mean, even I passed out! We have been non-stop this summer. One party or BBQ after the other. This weekend alone, we spent about 80% of it with friends. It’s been one heck of a great year! The best one yet, I think!!

But in the end, nothing beats spending time with these four. They are simply my life. Watching Liam turning 10 and remembering my time with him in the hospital, got me a little weepy. He is such a great kid – I can’t wait to see what he becomes as an adult. But not just yet….

Right now, I want to spend my days cuddling up with him and playing board games or video games or whatever kind of games he wants! 🙂 As long as we are doing it together.

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