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Order Your Thanksgiving Dinner Online – Omaha Steaks Holiday Has Everything You Need

What if I told you that you could order your Thanksgiving dinner online and get everything delivered to you with ease? What if I told you that your turkey would come already preseasoned? Get ready for an Omaha Steaks Holiday! 

Your side dishes would just need to be heated and your desserts would be absolute crowd-pleasers? GUYS! It’s possible – all with Omaha Steaks. How do I know? Because I’ve done it. 
Order Your Thanksgiving Dinner Online - Omaha Steaks Has Everything You Need

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Order Your Thanksgiving Dinner Online – Omaha Steaks Has Everything You Need

Look at this picture for a minute and then listen to this story. I visited Omaha with the Omaha Steaks team to test out some of their food earlier this year and I cannot tell you how surprised I was by the quality and the taste. We spent some time in a loft apartment getting to know everyone behind the brand.

Several chefs prepared our meals while we sipped on wine and made small talk with the official Omaha Steaks crew. When it was time to sit and eat, I just ASSUMED that everything was prepared on the spot… because what I was eating was FILLED WITH FLAVOR AND ZEST AND FRESHNESS.

Then the toast was made and the group was told that the entire Thanksgiving dinner was – in fact – made from frozen. It was all part of the Omaha Steaks holiday line. W-H-A-T? I almost fell on the floor. No freaking way. Impossible. That’s not what frozen tastes like?

Frozen tastes like tiny crystals and bad decisions made. But, alas, it was true. I was there eating future promises to easier nights with my family. I was there eating bite after bite of future stress-free Thursdays. My life was flashing before my eyes. I think I became a Buddhist. I’m not quite sure?

At the end of it all, we were told we could order Thanksgiving Dinner online as well. We could test it out on our own turf to see and taste for ourselves. And since I am a miserable New Yorker… I did just that. Because I don’t trust ANYONE – not even the guy who gives me decaf coffee when I order it because you know he really poured REGULAR just to mess with me. YOU KNOW HE DID! 

Order Your Thanksgiving Dinner Online - Omaha Steaks Has Everything You Need

Order Your Thanksgiving Dinner Online This Year

Do you host Thanksgiving? How many people do you have coming over? There’s so much stress, isn’t it? How about the rest of the holiday year? One party after the next. It is just TOO MUCH.

I personally host about 4 HUGE parties during this season and I sort of lose my mind by the end of it all. If I can take away one crazy night and replace it with hosting bliss, you better believe I will consider my options.

Is it possible to host a large group of friends and actually enjoy myself? I didn’t think it was true. But I made this dinner, friends. I literally made a complete Thanksgiving dinner by using only Omaha Steaks holiday goods and it just so easy. An easy Thanksgiving dinner IS POSSIBLE.

I chose green beans and smashed potatoes, but those aren’t the only options. There are so many more! If you don’t want turkey, they have you covered for that as well! Or maybe you want a roast and a turkey. Yes and yes! It’s all customizable. Truly.

We even had a pecan pie that I forgot to photograph. I am SO SORRY I AM HUMAN! Trust me – we had one!!

Order Your Thanksgiving Dinner Online - Omaha Steaks Has Everything You Need

Are you going to order your Thanksgiving dinner online this year? I have to know!

My Thanksgiving Family Tradition

Here’s a little sneak peek at what my family does around the Thanksgiving holiday. I have a family member that is holding onto Thanksgiving with her dear life. And I am so happy that she is. She makes a wonderful spread and is in her mid-80s. God bless her.

We love going to her house to celebrate with everyone that we love. But we never get any leftovers. Not once. In 40 years, I have never walked away with a sliver of turkey. And I love a good turkey sandwich on the day after!

So, since 2002, I’ve done something special just for Bill (and then the kids once they came along). The day after Thanksgiving… I make a second Thanksgiving. On Black Friday, I cook a full spread, but just for US. We don’t have any guests come over. Not even our mothers. {Sorry Mom}

It’s just for the five of us and we make only our favorite things. I usually spend hours in the kitchen preparing countless side dishes and a huge bird while my kids and my husband decorate the house for Christmas. They decorate and I cook.

If I’m being honest with you we’re actually very separated that day until we eat. Only at dinner do we come together. At that point, it’s very special because we are celebrating a fully decorated house, listening to our favorite carols, and eating a delicious meal.

how to order thanksgiving dinner online

Well, this year…. I’m going to FINALLY help decorate because I won’t have to worry about spending so much time in the kitchen. A quick order from Omaha Steaks and BOOM – I just freed up HOURS of my day.

Now, I can laugh and sing Christmas carols with my children instead. I cannot WAIT for Black Friday this year! To see all the Omaha Steaks holiday options, be sure to visit their website.

Are You Ready For An Omaha Steaks Holiday?

A Thanksgiving Dinner Trick You Might Not Know

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