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New Year, New You – Focusing On Wellness In 2019 From The Inside Out

It’s officially 2019 and I am so thankful for it. I am a firm believer that there are two official starts to a year. January 1st and the first day of school. Sure, those dates are close to one another… but the holiday season is jammed in between and I always need a reset by the time January 1st rolls around.

Woman Making Salad New Year's Resolution

Listen, I’m so thankful for the holidays. The parties.The family gatherings. The cakes! We should all be thankful that we have so much to celebrate. But as of right now, I am 43% cannoli cream and something needs to change.

I physically feel like I’ve done my body wrong and what better time to start healing than right now. Today! 2019 feels like a great year. I can feel it in my bones. It’s all about inner health and beauty – along with a sound mind. How am I going to tackle life with this new state of mine? By being prepared. 

So, how does someone go about resetting their entire system? By making sure they are equipped for life with the right tools from the start.

New Year, New You – Focusing On Wellness In 2019 From The Inside Out

Here’s a confession – I have no self-control. Yup – I said it. If my favorite dessert is on my kitchen counter, I am going to eat it. Plain and simple. I cannot have all the things that I love in front of me because if I see them, then I will EAT THEM.

When I get to the point where I am ready to start taking care of myself again, I usually have to stay away from certain locations. Don’t bring me to a place that serves french fries… because if I go then I will order french fries. Catch my drift?

This is also the case when it comes to my house. I need to make sure that everything I have in my house is HEALTH-FIRST ready. That’s why I head straight to BJ’s Wholesale Club because I know that I can get whatever I need to satisfy my needs. 

Salads, Vegetables, And Fruit – Oh My! 

cut up celery and carrots for a snack

My first tip for someone who is looking to do the same this year is to truly stock up on vegetables and fruit. It’s critical to have snacks on hand that you can reach for in a pinch and that don’t require a ton of prep work on your behalf.

My daughter – who is 13 – is a master salad maker and do you know where she learned it from? Her parents! Do as I DO, right? 

We try to buy as much organic food as we possibly can whenever we head out to grocery shop and BJ’s has a wide variety on hand at all times which I love. During this week’s haul, I picked up Wellsley Farms celery sticks, baby-cut carrots, super greens, and English cucumbers.

tomato and cucumber salad

When it comes to dressing it all, my family tends to keep things pretty simple – a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar can go a long way. Luckily for me, Wellsley Farms has both of those on hand, too!

balsamic oil and tomato and cucumber salad

A cucumber and tomato salad can be so many things! Add a little protein to the bowl, and you will have yourself a delicious lunch or dinner. Leave it as is and you have a great mid-afternoon snack.

It’s crunchy, sweet, and tangy – all at the same time. The trick here is to prepare ahead. I like to chop everything in the morning before I get ready for my day. That way, when it’s time to eat, all I have to do is mix and serve. 

Frozen Treats Are Just As Sweet 

organic frozen cherries in a bowl

You guys, I’ve written about this a dozen times on my site. This is a huge secret to my success – frozen fruit. I constantly buy frozen fruit all year long. And you know what? It’s not just for smoothies!!

The entire family loves to indulge in a sweet bowl of nature’s goodness whenever one of our sweet teeth start begging for a dessert. TheseWellsley Farms organic frozen cherries from BJ’s are amazing!! At night, we pop in a movie and everyone grabs a bowl. 

No added sugar. No added… anything! All you need is a fork and some time. I think that’s why I like to eat frozen fruit. It forces you to slow down.

You can’t scarf down this dessert because it’s just too cold! Instead, you have to slowly enjoy one piece at a time and wait as it all melts in your mouth. My absolute favorite and I’m not the only one. 

BJ’s members buy 65% more fresh food from BJ’s than from other clubs and I can see why! Their pack sizes tend to be smaller and more convenient too. So, have your pick and head to BJ’s.

mother and daughter eating a healthy snack together

Even our pet, Tucker, likes to get in on the fun. LOL!

10 Heath And Wellness Tips To Jumpstart Your New Year

Looking for other health and wellness tips to jumpstart your New Year? Here are ten to get you started! 

  1. Start off each day with a tall glass of water. 
  2. Make sure you keep moving. Try to walk as much as possible throughout the day. If you have a desk job that keeps you seated, force yourself to get up and move every hour. 
  3. Stick to lean proteins and try to steer clear of anything fried. 
  4. Avoid any diets that require you to totally omit anything from your diet. Those are impossible to maintain for the rest of your life. Instead, consider looking at food in a more balanced way. 
  5. Eat mindfully. Turn off the TV, the phones, the workload. When you sit down to have a meal, become aware of every bite. Be present. 
  6. Try to not eat after dinner. I know this is a hard one and something that people will have to get used to, but our bodies need to rest to digest. We need to stop feeding it fuel if we ever want them to start breaking down all the energy we provide. After dinner, the shop is closed. 
  7. Journal a food log for a week and be very honest with yourself. Put on paper every little thing you eat and drink. Become aware of what your days truly look and feel like for your body. 
  8. Try new recipes! Get out of that old rut. Seek out new tastes and flavors. Try new ethnic cuisines. Get out of your element. You might find that you absolutely love a culture’s food that you’ve never dabbled in before. 
  9. Get an accountability partner. 
  10. Practice self-care. And I don’t mean manicure and spa appointments. I mean full awareness of your stress load, lots of rest, staying hydrated, and limiting toxic relationships. Love yourself. 
Teen eating a healthy snack

Are you ready for the new year? Are you planning on taking better care of your body and mind? We only get one of each! Might as well love ourselves to the best of our abilities, right?

BJ’s truly is my one stop shop for everything I need in this department and more. A few days ago, I hosted 25 family members at my house to welcome 2019. I ran right to BJ’s to grab paper goods, appetizers, desserts, party favors, and more.

This week, I returned and focused solely on me – on what I needed to better myself now that my routine is back in order and you know what? I found everything that I needed AGAIN. 

BJ’s is committed to providing the best quality, value, and assortment through its exclusive Wellsley Farms brand. Wellsley Farms sets the bar when it comes to quality and taste – sourcing from the best growers, bakers, ranchers, and fishermen from around the world and in your backyard.

Families can save up to $500 a year by shopping at BJ’s

Members save 25% off grocery store prices every day. That is massive. And guess what? You can still clip your coupons while shopping at BJ’s. Yes, they accept manufacturer’s coupons. Isn’t that glorious? 

Members can also digitally select and save coupons to their membership card with BJ’s Add-to-Card feature. Members can use BJ’s Add-to-Card feature on and the BJ’s mobile app.

Visit your local BJ’s and see what I mean. Then leave a comment below and let me know how you plan to make 2019 your best year yet. 


Norma Rickman

Tuesday 22nd of January 2019

I'm with you on the frozen fruit! I make berry smoothies for breakfast and snack on frozen grapes and cherries. No BJ's here, but Costco has some great buys on frozen fruit too.

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