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$25 BJ’s Membership Discount Sale – Join BJ’s Today

I have news about a $25 BJ’s membership discount sale that you do NOT want to miss. Stay tuned!! As you know, my family has spent a lot of time this year rethinking the way we spend money.  We are happily in a really great groove and saving money in more ways than we thought possible. 

$25 BJ's membership

One of our greatest assets is our BJ’s Wholesale Club membership and that is no lie. We aren’t just assuming that either. My husband and I sat down and literally did the math on some of our favorite household purchases and BJ’s Wholesale Club ALWAYS won. The better deal – hands down.

$25 BJ’s Membership Discount Sale – Join BJ’s Today

organic produce aisle inside BJ's Wholesale

So, not only am I saving money when I head in for my shopping runs, but I am also saving a ton of time because I can pretty much take care of EVERYTHING that I need during a single shopping trip.

From clothing to deli meat to toiletries to diapers! Talk about one-stop shopping!! We were gifted a membership the day we got married. My father in law knew that it was something we needed to do. And you know what? 17 years later, we never looked back.

inside BJ's Wholesale - aisle

Organic Food

My family and I love to shop organic and I LOVE that BJ’s has so many options available for us to choose from. I had a family over for dinner the other day and they were complimenting the meal we made for them and their children. I mentioned that everything I cooked came from BJ’s and the wife said that wouldn’t be an option for her since she “only buys organic”.

I told her that we try to do the same and that everything she was eating was actually also organic. BJ’s enables customers like us to comfortably shop for our favorite products with plenty of options to spare. 

The times have changed and BJ’s has kept up with them! The BJ’s Membership discount is REAL. And now you can have all those perks for less! Take advantage of the $25 BJ’s membership today. 

organic produce aisle inside BJ's Wholesale

Full-Service Deli

I’ve mentioned this before in previous posts of mine, but one of my favorite features of BJ’s is their full-service deli. You can get all your favorite cold cuts, and believe me, as a New Yorker, my list is long. OR if you don’t have time, you can just walk up and choose some of the fresh,pre-cut options that they have on display in front of the deli.

I LOVE THIS OPTION. They usually have the most popular cuts. So, I am perfectly happy choosing from the selection. What do I grab? Swiss cheese, American Cheese, Honey Roasted Ham, and Turkey. Bliss!

It takes a matter of seconds for me to get prepared for family lunches and NO LINES. If I wanted something more specific, I could always get on the line and ask for my favorite slices, of course.

But 9 times out of 10, I just grab and go!!! This is a busy mom’s magic find! So, not only do we get to reap the rewards of the BJ’s membership discount, but we also save TIME, too!

family shopping inside BJ's Wholesale Warehouse

Smaller Pack Sizes

BJ’s members buy 65% more fresh food from BJ’s than from other clubs and I can see why! They offer 7,000 items compared to an average of 4,000 at other clubs, and their pack sizes tend to be smaller and more convenient. I don’t need 900 red bell peppers.

I just need enough to get through the week. When I’m at BJ’s, I still get more than I would from an average grocery store. I still get a better price. HOWEVER, I also pick up a pack that will actually fit in my fridge.

It has to be realistic! Otherwise, it’s just not feasible for my family. I really appreciate that as a mom. 

deli inside BJ's Wholesale Warehouse

You Can’t Leave The Store Without The Rotisserie Chicken

Every single time I go to BJ’s, my family knows that we are having a rotisserie chicken for dinner. It is delicious and priced right! It’s almost like a family tradition at this point. I couldn’t cook a fresh bird for cheaper!

Join for a special price – $25 BJ’s Membership Discount: $25 Membership fee!!

deli inside BJ's Wholesale Warehouse

Wellsley Farms Brand

BJ’s is committed to providing the best quality, value, and assortment through its exclusive Wellsley Farms brand. Wellsley Farms sets the bar when it comes to quality and taste – sourcing from the best growers, bakers, ranchers, and fishermen from around the world and in your backyard.

family shopping inside BJ's Wholesale Warehouse

There are so many times where I have literally switched from the brand name version to the Wellsley Farms version because the price is better and the quality is the same if not better!  Nuts are nuts! Broccoli is broccoli! Am I right?

Why spend so much more just to have a certain name on the bag? It doesn’t make sense? BJ’s made sure their exclusive brand was top notch! You can feel absolutely comfortable picking up anything that has Wellsley Farms on the label! I’ve pretty much tried it all! LOL

Save up to $500 a year

Families can save up to $500 a year by shopping at BJ’s – The $25 BJ’s Membership Discount

Members save 25% off grocery store prices every day. Isn’t that worth the membership alone? Forget about everything else I said above! Think about this one point by itself. 25% savings a year! That is massive.

And guess what? You can still clip your coupons and shop at BJ’s. They accept manufacturer’s coupons. Isn’t that glorious? It’s like a double WHAMMY of savings – the ultimate BJ’s Membership discount!!

Members can also digitally select and save coupons to their membership card with BJ’s Add-to-Card feature. Members can use BJ’s Add-to-Card feature on and the BJ’s mobile app.

Join BJ's Wholesale

$25 BJ’s Membership Discount Information

Real friends share savings, which is why I’m sharing discounted BJ’s membership link with you today!!!

BJ’s is allowing me to offer a $25 membership to all my friends and readers! How amazing is that!!! All you have to do is click here to access the special membership discount.

This discount will be valid for 60 days. After 60 days, the link will no longer be valid. Regular membership rates are higher. You do NOT want to miss out on this deal!

Like I’ve said, I’ve been a BJ’s member since the DAY I became a wife and it was one of the best investments we’ve ever made as a family.

I cannot imagine how much money we’ve saved as a family. Try out BJ’s for a year with this deeply discounted annual fee and see for yourself!!


FamilyYogurt Blog

Saturday 11th of August 2018

Mega shops are always great for shopping and i love to shopping with my whole family. Thanks

Shannon Gurnee

Friday 3rd of August 2018

I have a lot of people I know who live near a BJ's. I'm gonna let them know about the membership sale. Thanks for sharing.

Annemarie LeBlanc

Thursday 2nd of August 2018

There are no BJs stores near me and that makes me sad. I would love to take advantage of this low membership fee! The produce look really nice and fresh. I hope they set up more branches!


Thursday 2nd of August 2018

There are not too many BJs near me in Atlanta. I am happy to know they have an array of organic products!

Kelly Reci

Wednesday 1st of August 2018

BJ's has so many great deals - I often visit and it really does save my family a good buck! I love their membership program... totally, totally worth it.

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