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My Review Of Both Laser Lipo And Radio Frequency Assisted Cavitation Lipo

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I’ve been testing out a few weight loss procedures including laser lipo and radio frequency assisted Cavitation lipo. These unique procedures provided me different results. I am in the middle of the process and have a lot to say about what’s happened so far.

laser lipo review

My Review Of Both Laser Lipo And Radio Frequency Assisted Cavitation Lipo

I want to break down each procedure separately because I like one more than the other. Right off the bat, I want to tell you that I found better results with the Cavitation Lipo. So, if you don’t want to read, pay more for the ultrasound addition. The next morning I was two pounds down. Will it last? Time will tell.

But let’s talk about the laser lipo process first!

non surgical laser lipo

Understanding Non Surgical Laser Lipo and My Review

Non-surgical liposuction is a procedure that uses laser heat pads to reduce fat by focusing on a targeted area. You choose what area to focus on and the heat helps melt the fat cells over the course of your treatment. This occurs through non-invasive technology.

You do not need any anesthesia. You won’t feel any pain. The only thing you will feel is warmth where the pads are placed.

What needs to occur to see real results?

  • It is suggested that you need around 4-6 treatments to see real results.
  • Be sure to drink ample amount of water throughout the process.
  • Speak to your provider to figure out a schedule. I returned after 72 hours for my second treatment. However, after reading online, I saw that other providers have different guidelines.

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I purchased my procedures through a Groupon and decided this year I will blog about beauty treatment I experience to help you figure out what you’d like to try. You can find Laser Lipo for around $30 a procedure! It is absolutely worth checking Groupon when considering this type of procedure. Odds are you will find a great deal.

How long does Laser Lipo last?

My appointment lasted 45 minutes and included a cellulite push. The woman pushed up the cellulite from my thighs into my butt. I’m not going to lie, it was uncomfortable. But I didn’t stop her because I wanted to move that excess up!


She used a machine that was similar to the Fasciablaster – but it was more intense and had suction involved. I highly suggest you buy the Fasciablaster if you want to move cellulite at home on a regular basis. I have many friends that use this product and swear by it.

Another option to do is to drink a glass of water (daily) with a pinch of baking soda and a pinch of salt. Apparently, this also works on clearing out your cellulite. I just learned about this and started to incorporate this into my routine THIS week.

My mother says she has been doing this her entire life. Who knew?!

Laser Lipo Results

After just one session, I cannot say that I saw any results. I went home and followed the instructions to drink an incredible amount of water and exercise. I usually walk on a regular basis and continued to do so, hoping it would help.

After about a day, I did have intense diarrhea. I don’t mean to be blunt, but I am pretty sure that I cleaned out my entire system. I didn’t feel like I was getting sick. I just all of a sudden had to go to the bathroom and then everything that I had inside of my intestines came out of me. Whoosh. Listen, this is a blog and you will get the truth.

I thought about weighing myself after going to the bathroom but felt like that was a bit too desperate. I physically didn’t look any different in the mirror though. So, I left it at that. When looking online, I saw that a change in stool was common.

Radio Frequency Cavitation Lipo

During my next treatment, we changed our course of action and included radio frequency Cavitation. This is an entirely different program. I have to warn you that this is much more painful that non-surgical laser lipo. Today, as I write this, I have black and blues all over my stomach.

I am a very sensitive person and I don’t know if others would react to the treatment in a similar way, but I really struggled to get through the intensity of the wand pressing down on my stomach. It was aggressive. I didn’t ask her to stop because I was in it to win it and wanted to really give the treatment a FULL GO.

Here are a few things you should know:

  • With radio frequency ultrasound, you will hear high-pitched ringing in your ears the entire time. It isn’t overwhelmling, but it is really loud. There were a few times where I thought that I should tell her to stop because I was worried about tenitits. It was pretty wild.
  • Your technician will have to apply ultrasound gel to your stomach and press the wand aggressivly onto your stomach – all over – for a good 45 minutes. From the top of your rib cage to the base of your underwear, including your sides. She presses down, makes swirls, and digs in deep. It doesn’t stop for the full 45 minutes and all the while you will hear this high-pitched ringing. So, pain and sound.
  • At the end of the session, there is another wand that comes out that works on tightening the skin. That part doesn’t have any ringing in your ears. By that time, it felt like a vacation.
radio frequency reviews

Radio Frequency Lipo Results

I lost two pounds by the next day after the Cavitation Lipo. I want to get straight to the point. This treatment showed real results. When I went home, I continued to drink a lot of water. I didn’t exercise that evening because I had already done my walk in the morning and it still resulted in that much weight loss.

Not to be personal, but I haven’t gone to the bathroom yet. So, the two pounds were just from me peeing out whatever fat was melted away during the session. I drank an incredible amount of water, as I was told.

I want to reiterate again – I am bruised UP! Would I do that again just to lose two pounds? I don’t think so.

I don’t have much to lose and I think if you take control of your diet you can lose two pounds safely in a week without the pressure on your belly. The woman did exactly what she was supposed to do, but I am highly sensitive. I personally don’t think I can handle that session again.

Reading Other People’s Reviews

When I got home, I immediately went online to see what other people said about their treatments in anticipation of what to expect. I was sad to see so many people not excited about their results. Many women were giddy about the fact that they lost several inches right after their session, only to gain it right back before their next session.

how to lose fat without surgery

My Final Thoughts

I’m not sure what I would look like if I did all 6 sessions? My honest guess is if I went every 72 hours I would shed around 5-7 pounds. No joke! BUT, I would also be in an incredible amount of pain, and then in three weeks and a few hamburgers, my guess is I would gain it back again. I don’t know if this is the answer for me.

I don’t have complete control over my diet yet. If I was suddenly eating salads and sardines, then I would consider this as a great jumpstart. But I love to indulge and I haven’t freed myself from those urges. I would hate to go through all of this only to negate the effects after one bad night out.

However, if there was a vacation or wedding coming up, this might be a great solution for a quick weight loss boost. Something to think about because I really did lose two pounds with one session.

how to lose weight

What’s Next For Me?

As I mentioned, I signed up to do several other Groupon services – including a butt lift and Emsculpt. Stay tuned!! Can’t wait to tell you about those experiences! Is there something you’d like me to try specifically? Please message me on Instagram and I will add it to the list!

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