Ok Ladies – Let’s Talk Laser Hair Removal (I Am A HUGE Fan)


A few years ago I bit the bullet and signed up for a laser hair removal session. I kept reading article after article about how great the technology was and I wanted to give it a shot. My first session really didn’t show much results so I was in no rush to return. I got pregnant (twice) and then decided to give it another go. This time I chose a place with a better reputation than the last. If you are in Long Island – check out LIPS and tell them I sent you. They will give you a free underarm session to try out! You cannot beat that.

It’s been about a year since I bought my package with them and my legs are completely bare. It’s a bit costly though. In my neck of the woods I think it ran me about $3,000. EEEK!! But I convinced my husband that in the long run we would be saving money on razors and shaving cream if I got it done in my early 30s and he caved in.

Thank goodness for that because my life has literally changed since having it done. You never have to think about what you are going to wear on warmer days. Before getting laser hair removal, I would have to wear jeans on hot days if I didn’t shave that morning. It limited my wardrobe choices completely…  and I hated that.

I am the best candidate for the procedure which obviously helped out with the results. My skin is very pale and my hair is very dark (thanks to my Mediterranean roots). 5 sessions later I have a handful of baby fine hairs left around my knees. I shave once every few weeks just for the sake of doing it and only during the warmer months. You can’t really see them unless you have your face right up to my knees. It’s like magic…

So what about the pain? Yeah – it hurts. Not going to lie. But not as much as child birth… which is now my new tolerance level of pain. I compare everything to giving birth that way I can convince myself that I can handle anything. LOL. It works – let me be.

Well, today I went to get my bikini line done and I was having heart palpitations in the waiting room. I literally had pit stains because I was sweating like a sinner in church (sorry I watch ‘The Princess and the Frog’ waaayyy too often with Natalie – I just love that line).  All I kept thinking about was how sensitive that area is and that I was paying to get tortured.

The good news is the session was just $50 because this is Spa Week. I figured if I couldn’t handle it, then I couldn’t handle it and I would walk out losing $50 and not $250!

But I DID handle it and 15 minutes later I walked out of there a champion. It wasn’t bad at all! I couldn’t believe how I was able to get through the session. I felt … proud of myself.

Summer here I come!!

Have you tried laser hair removal? Are you interested in it?

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  1. Forgetful Girl wrote:

    Just 15 mins for the bikinni line? I thought it would take ages. I know one session isn’t enough to get it smooth.

    I’m fed up of shaving, so just bought an epilator (quite scared to try it out). I have a chronic condition that hinders how long I can stand in the shower so I thought an epilator would be better since I can sit on my bed and do it.

    If I had the money I would so go for laser!

    Posted 4.15.10
  2. Amy wrote:

    I am SO interested in laser hair removal and I am determined to get it one day. I have the worst hair! Literally there is no reason for me to shave my legs most times because all is takes is one chill and you can feel the hairs again. And when I say feel, I mean it feels like sand paper. My hair is extremely course so it’s really great to hear it works well on dark hair. It is also so course I am constantly battling ingrown hair and it’s even uncomfortable and itchy when my hair grows back, it’s horrible. Not only does it affect what I wear (I own maybe one pair of shorts??) but I am very self concious of it. Luckily my boyfriend is very tolerant but I hate it.

    Forgetful Girl – I own an epilator and have used it sporatically for a few years. Other than laser this is the best solution I have found for a cheap fix. It does take some time at about an hour and a half for both legs. It is also painful, tweeze one hair off your leg and then imagine it happening for 10 hairs all at one time. But you do get used to the pain. I always sit on the edge of the tub because although it doesn’t seem like you have a lot of hair on your legs, you will be surprised how quickly it accumulates.

    Maybe one day I will be able to afford laser…..

    Thanks for sharing Vera!

    Posted 4.15.10
  3. alicia wrote:

    I’m glad you posted this one… I’ve been wondering about the laser removal, but didn’t know anyone who had done it…especially the bikini…anyone know how many sessions the bikini line will cost?? 🙂

    Posted 4.15.10
  4. Lois wrote:

    I agree! I have done 3 sessions so far and love it! I am doing everything I can lol! So worth the money and pain!

    Posted 4.15.10
  5. CapturingLife wrote:

    You have me REALLY interested. The bikini area is only $250? That really seems cheap. I think I’m too chicken to do it, though. LOL

    Posted 4.16.10
  6. Vera wrote:

    No the bikini is 750 – its’ 250 for 1 session. If you buy the package its 750.

    I went during spa week so instead of spending 250 I paid 50.

    sorry about that

    Posted 4.16.10
  7. geee wrote:

    How many times did you have to go for your legs? I feel like I was reading about my own problems here! I’ve had it done on my face (coughcoughupperlipcough), and am seriously considering getting my underarms and legs done.

    Posted 4.16.10
  8. Vera wrote:

    The packages are all 5 times – at least the ones I know of.

    Posted 4.16.10
  9. Karen wrote:

    What are the particulars when doing the bikini line? Do you wear your underwear during the treatment? Is there any modesty involved? or is that something you have to mentally, emotionally prepare for, like the yearly OB visit??

    Posted 4.16.10
  10. kim wrote:

    i’ve had two sessions of laser on my face and am incredibly impressed by the results.

    i bought the tria ($600 for the laser machine, for personal in-home use), and have started using it on the rest of my body. i haven’t done enough sessions yet to tell if it is working well or not.

    Posted 4.16.10
  11. Stacey wrote:

    I have been receiving laser treatments for about a year and half. Legs, underwarms, and full brazilian. One of the best things I have ever done…..shaving is a thing of the past!!! Only downfall is the amount of time it takes to get FULL results….Going every 8 to 12 weeks now for atleast another 3 to 4 treatments. Well, worth it though!

    Posted 4.16.10

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