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Mary Poppins Cosplay – DisneyBounding For Women

Looking to do a bit of Disneybounding? I just had some fun with Mary Poppins cosplay and it was SUCH A TREAT. If you are someone who loves Disney and doesn’t mind showing off their Disney Style or their Disney Side, this post is for you.

mary poppins cosplay

The entire family just went to see Mary Poppins Returns in the theatre and had a blast. It was so nice to revisit the Disney favorite with the kids. In case you are interested, I did write a Mary Poppins Returns movie review should you want to take a peek before buying tickets of your own.

And if you REALLY want to get into the spirit of things, check out my Mary Poppins cosplay outfit break down. I just love her style and knew I would be able to turn her fashion into a fully functioning and relatable outfit for the everyday woman. 

This blog is entirely dedicated to mom fashion, style for women in their 40s and stylish women’s clothing… so why not add a little Disney flare?

Mary Poppins Cosplay – DisneyBounding For Women

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I didn’t spend a million dollars either recreating this entire look! I bought most of these items from Amazon. Can you believe it?

disney cosplay

Yes, even those fabulous red pumps.  When I saw those beautiful oversized bows, I just knew that I had to have them. And since making that purchase, I’ve worn them three times. I’ve absolutely made my money back and then some! I think Mary Poppins would approve. LOL.

But I didn’t stop with my Mary Poppins cosplay look at the heels? Why would I do that?? I had to go head to TOE. When I was thinking about Mary’s skirt, I knew I wanted a midi and I knew I wanted it to be a solid blue color to sort of fall in line with the original theme.

I was SO PLEASED with this High Waisted A-Line skirt that I bought two colors. I am working on another cosplay post for Dumbo and am going to use the black version in another look. So, stay tuned. The pleats of this skirt really have great movement as you walk. And for $20 bucks, you cannot go wrong.

Affordable Disney Cosplay

Every piece I picked up was super affordable. It’s all about having fun with fashion and I am the type of girl that doesn’t want to break the bank while I am working on my Disney cosplay outfits. Disneybounding doesn’t have to be expensive.

I was also really conscious of making sure that I could wear every piece apart from one another. Could that high waisted skirt work with other clothes of mine? Absolutely.

The shirt isn’t the best quality. I am going to tell you this right now. But it looks really cute on and worked for my Mary Poppins Disneybounding attempt.

However, I want to warn you because I NEED to be honest with my readers, it isn’t so easy to button.  Either way, I’m going to keep the pleated button down white shirt because it is TOTALLY perfect for my Mary Poppins Cosplay look. If you want another option that is probably going to be much better fabric, then check out this Old Navy option.

Last but not least, my bag I already owned. But here are two options that are SUPER CLOSE to the design. Check out this winged satchel handbag and this dome satchel. I got mine from Target and I seriously think all three come from the same line.

I think you can see the vibe I was going for. I know that the original movie showcased a much larger and multi-functioning tote. But that’s just not realistic for a woman to carry around with an outfit like this. The one I opted for makes much more sense. 🙂

So, what do you think about my cosplay outfit? Do you Disney bound? I think Disney bounding is super fun and it’s easy to do with a few adjustments to your already existing wardrobe.

I have so many ideas coming up for the 2019 Disney movie slate. Stay tuned. You just might see more Disneybound outfit ideas for women!


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