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The Cutest Disney Maternity Shirt Ideas For Mega Fans

Disney maternity shirts are the perfect way to show off your baby bump all while expressing your love for your favorite movie characters, quotes, and storylines. These Etsy creations are sprinkled with pixie dust and are practically perfect to help showcase every baby bump size.

disney maternity

A personalized shirt really makes being pregnant that much more …. EVERYTHING, right? You get to tell the world a little bit about your favorite characters while showing off that baby bump. Double score. 

These Disney maternity shirts can be worn during your next trip down to Animal Kingdom, Epcot, or any of the other fabulous locations that Walt manifested. Or you could begin to work an outfit around this one piece to create the ultimate Disney maternity shoot. How fun!

It’s not quite cosplay, of course. It’s just an easy way to show the world that you are a true fan with a heart filled with love.

Disney Maternity Shirt Ideas

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disney maternity shoot

Beauty and the Beast Maternity Shirts

I like this combo because you can choose if you want to align yourself with either Beauty (Belle) or the Beast. Why do you have to choose? Get both!

How cute is that rose that is on the bottom of the bump? So creative. 

disney maternity shirt

Snacking for Two Shirt

Ok, fam. This snacking for two maternity shirt is just perfect because it shows all my favorite snacks – whether I am pregnant or not. Is that Dole Whip?! YEOW!

Love all the Mickey Mouse ears, too! I think this shirt can also serve as a checklist if you are hitting the parks.

Have to eat everything you see when you are eating for two, right? LOL. Just kidding – I’m still losing the weight from baby one, two, and three. 

Seriously, I can’t get over these Disney pregnancy shirt ideas. Cute maternity clothes are so hard to find – but this entire post is filled with such great picks for pixie dust fans. 

mickey mouse maternity shirt

Creating a Little Disney Magic Maternity Scoop Neck T- Shirt

Loving These Disney Maternity Shirts

STOP! I am in love with this Disney maternity tee. Disney magic?! Isn’t it true? I am swooning over the idea of this Etsy creation. Love the vibe – it is just so precious. 

Mary Poppins Maternity Shirt

Mary Poppins Maternity Shirt

Mary Poppins says you are popping and when you are pregnant that belly certainly begins to pop! So, this maternity tee is perfect for that time of your life. 

Bibbidi bobbidi bump shirt

Bibbidi boppidi bump shirt

Another perfect idea for the summer or your next vacation! I love all of these ideas. 

As you know the Disney Store maternity line has an entirely different set of clothing. So, these aren’t your only options. There are so many more designs to consider. I just love this phase of life!!

Disney Fans! What Do You Think?

What do you think about these Disney maternity shirts? Do any of them work for you? You only have so many months to go, right? Maternity clothes don’t last forever. Enjoy it while you can. 

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Saturday 4th of September 2010

I love this maternity shirt. My friend is pregnant and she is so embarrassed with her look. She is a first time on pregnancy. I told her not to be embarrassed for having changes in our body is really a part of it. She even told me that she looks miserable for she could not find anything to wear that is appealing. With this Disney maternity line, this is a very nice gift for her.

Early Pregnancy Symptoms


Tuesday 24th of August 2010

Almost makes me wish I was having another baby....ALMOST! Maybe I'll buy something for my sister. :)

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