JetBlue Celebrates Crying Babies With Mother’s Day Campaign

Totally in tears after watching this JetBlue video featuring a recent in-air promotion they did with some mothers of young babies. I am utterly filled with empathy, sympathy, and joy. Why?

Because I’ve been there. I’ve been the mother walking onto a plane with young children, sitting next to adults who really were looking forward to a relaxing flight and knowing that I was going to be the main cause of their stress and discomfort.

JetBlue Celebrates Crying Babies With Mother’s Day Campaign

Motherhood is many things and it’s filled with anxiety 10,000 feet in the air.

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But JetBlue wanted to change all of that this Mother’s Day. In fact, the airline company wanted to celebrate moms as they face one of their most challenging situations: flying with their babies. Just like the weather, fussy babies are out of anyone’s control.

Moms understand the discomfort crying babies cause fellow customers, and it is often moms themselves who feel most uncomfortable when their babies’ cry in-flight. I mean, nothing feels more helpless than a mom holding a screaming baby on a red-eye. I’ve been there!!

Even if you run to the bathroom to hide, it doesn’t matter. Everyone can still hear you and it’s that knowledge that can be so crippling. I would argue that this FEAR even keeps some parents GROUNDED.

According to a recent survey conducted online by Harris Poll on behalf of JetBlue,

  • 65% of U.S. adults report understanding parents have no control on whether their baby cried in-flight
  • 40% of U.S. adults who ever travel by airplane still report being annoyed when being on a plane with a crying baby

JetBlue wanted to step in and ease the pain of some traveling moms. They launched FlyBabies to show that empathy towards moms traveling with little ones can be worth it. And BOY – was it WORTH IT!

The FlyBabies Promotion

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 1.01.26 PM

JetBlue designated a cross-country flight from New York’s JFK Airport to Long Beach, CA as their “FlyBabies” flight and followed moms and their babies on their journey. Basically, they told everyone on the plane that every single time a baby cried, they would receive 25% off an upcoming flight.

That meant that if the babies on the plane collectively cried four times during the route, every single person on the flight would receive a future flight for FREE. Who wouldn’t want to hear a little crying for that?

At first, the people on the plane smiled when they heard the babies do what babies do best. But towards the end, the group was applauding, taking pictures and high-fiving!

Everyone was thrilled to hear the cries of those little ones because it meant rewards for the collective!! The mothers of these children were embraced and adored because they were responsible for all the fun.

Now, that’s how every mom should feel when they fly,right?!

When you aren’t on a FlyBabies flight, families will still get to enjoy so many wonderful benefits created around families and their specific needs.


JetBlue Family Perks:

Courtesy Boarding: JetBlue offers Courtesy Boarding for families with children under the age of 2, so customers can have early access to overhead bins, secure car seats and get children comfortably seated on the plane. This Courtesy Boarding is offered immediately before general boarding.

Channels for kids: With a TV at every seat, your child can choose kid-friendly programming like Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network or Animal Planet from the 36 channels of free DIRECTV®. With our A321 aircraft (coming soon to our A320s) we offer 100+ Channels of DIRECTV and even more kid-friendly options details here

JetBlue Features®: On all flights longer than two hours, we offer at least one kid age-appropriate movie at every seat.

Wings: Crews often keep promotional wings on hand for our littlest customers. Supplies vary, but check with your crew for availability.

Kid-Friendly Snacks:In addition to a number of EatUp boxes and EatUp Café items available for purchase, JetBlue provides a wide variety of complimentary and unlimited snacks and drinks for children (and their parents) including nut-free options.

For Mom: In 2015 JetBlue partnered with Mamava and Seventh Generation to bring the first private nursing pod to JFK Airport. This private lactation suite provides another option for nursing moms who seek more privacy when nursing their little ones while traveling through T5. The nursing pod is available at T5 next to the Kids Play area near Gate 12.

To book your next JetBlue flight, click here. Happy Mother’s Day!

*I’ve teamed up with JetBlue to help spread the word about their FlyBabies video. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Jeanette wrote:

    I have always heard that JetBlue is an awesome company to fly with! I have yet to fly with them, but I can’t wait to try them out with all these perks!

    Posted 5.2.16
  2. Emerald wrote:

    I love that Jetblue is embracing baby travelers. I hear so many people complain about babies crying on planes, and I think, “Imagine if you were a baby. Your ears are popping, you’re totally uncomfortable, and you have no idea why.”

    Posted 5.2.16
  3. Kathy wrote:

    What a wonderful campaign. I’ve never heard of JetBlue before. I’ve actually never flown on a plane before. My youngest girl keeps telling me we need to go on a plane..haha.

    Posted 5.3.16
  4. Angie wrote:

    It can be hard on people without kids to understand. I don’t have kids, so I’m used to peace and quiet, and a crying baby is not a sound you get used to-especially since as women our bodies are tuned to hear it and be tortured by it (it’s nature’s way of kicking in our mothering instinct.) It can be miserable when you’re in a tiny space with a screeching pterodactyl haha!

    However, even as a non-mother, I understand. I mean what else are you going to do? It’s not like you can just leave your baby behind… People just need to suck it up and deal with it. I’ve been on many flights with babies who were lovely and adorable the whole time too-so sometimes you luck out. The worst is when it’s an older kid and the parent’s don’t do anything to keep them occupied so they terrorize the other passengers and are just acting out… That’s a different story. lol

    Posted 5.3.16
  5. I haven’t flown in a really long time. I have flown with my older babies and they were pretty good. I just made sure that I had things to keep them busy.

    Posted 5.3.16
  6. Jesica H wrote:

    It is really about time they start making this easier for moms! Perhaps now our trip to Disney wont be so hard!

    Posted 5.3.16
  7. Jamie wrote:

    I try to be empathetic when I see parents out with small kids. I’ve been there and done that twice, and while it’s easy to be annoyed by it when they aren’t yours, it’s hard to forget the way you felt when you were in their shoes.

    Posted 5.3.16
  8. I love this video. I was recently on a plane with a mom that had two little kids, and they cried almost the whole time. I felt so bad for her, but I was too far away to help her. I’ve never flown with my kids when they were babies, but I’m sure mine would have cried too.

    Posted 5.3.16
  9. HilLesha wrote:

    I have never flown with JetBlue before, but I have heard nothing but good! I love that they’re more acceptable of babies and toddlers. 🙂

    Posted 5.4.16

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