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This Mother’s Day, Crocs is offering one reader Crocs for a Year! I’m so excited to be able to give this prize out to one of my readers! As an avid Crocs lover – someone who is always looking for the perfect combination of comfort and style – I know what a SCORE this WIN will be for one of you!!

One winner will receive 12 vouchers, each good for one free pair of Crocs shoes (up to $75 per pair). Vouchers must be redeemed 12 months from the day the winner is chosen.



But wait! The news gets even better!! All readers can enjoy a 20% discount code right here and now! Simply visit, and use LADY20 at checkout to activate the promotion. Woo Hoo!

So, why Crocs for the spring and summer? Because a lot has changed since the first time they hit the market. When I used to think of Crocs, I just thought about kids. It makes sense because their kids line is world renown. But something has happened over the years… a chic shift if you will. Crocs understood that moms were spending time shopping for their kids, so why not make a line available just for them. In fact, why not make a line for women in general?! I give you… Crocs for Women!

IMG_5578 IMG_5579 Whether you are looking for a flat, an open toe wedge or the perfect sandal for this summer, Crocs has it all. When I went hunting online for my next Crocs pair, I ended up landing on the Sienna Flats because I desperately needed a pop of color with a rounded edge. I fell in LOVE with the lines of these flats. So simple and so chic! I could dress them up by wearing them with a floral dress, keep things casual in a pair of skinny jeans or fall somewhere in between by adding a black blazer to my look.


And if you are looking for a shoe to run around in — one that will last all day long and not give up on you — Crocs are it! When I know I have a long day ahead of me, I slip on this pair and get going without sacrificing style. I know a lot of people think of the Mario Batali version of Crocs when they hear the brand name, but there are plenty of other styles available on the site to choose from as well. Something for everyone!

Ready to try to win a year’s worth of shoes? Here we go!

Crocs For A Year Giveaway

Good luck!
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  1. Cheryl wrote:

    I’m definitely a shoe fanatic. I have more shoes than I can wear, and it’s still not enough.

    Posted 5.3.16
  2. Cathy Thompson wrote:

    A for sure shoe fanatic here, love to wear them so they match clothing so I have lots! Never too many though!

    Posted 5.3.16
  3. Keri Justice wrote:

    Yes I am a shoe fanatic!! And this would be amazing to win as my birthday is just around the corner. Love this!!

    Posted 5.3.16
  4. Sheila Vives wrote:

    Shoe fanatic? Not really. I like stylish shoes, and comfortable shoes, but you won’t find 3000 pairs in my closet. I’m pretty practical and always look for well made shoes that are good for my feet.

    Posted 5.3.16
  5. Stacey Roberson wrote:

    Yes, I am a shoe fanatic. I love, love, love shoes! My husband is always telling me I have too many shoes.

    Posted 5.3.16
  6. Cathy Thompson wrote:

    An absolute shoe fanatic, love to match! We love crocs so many colors, so many styles.

    Posted 5.4.16
  7. Mami2jcn wrote:

    I love shoes!

    Posted 5.4.16
  8. Kelly D wrote:

    Yes, I love getting a new pair of shoes.

    Posted 5.4.16
  9. Tammy Iler wrote:

    Of course I am a shoe fanatic

    Posted 5.4.16
  10. Stacey Roberson wrote:

    Love me some shoes!

    Posted 5.4.16
  11. violet taylor wrote:

    i got a new shoe rack for the house and its filled with my shoes…. lol

    Posted 5.5.16
  12. Laura Grace Andry wrote:

    Hi! I am not a shoe fanatic, but my daughter is. I like comfortable and cute… but if it isn’t comfortable – I’m out. My daughter on the other hand loves ALL shoes. If it was up to her the entire room would be covered in shoes.

    Posted 5.5.16
  13. Elle wrote:

    I am definitely a shoe fanatic.

    Posted 5.5.16
  14. Stacey Roberson wrote:

    Yes, I have many, many pairs of shoes.

    Posted 5.5.16
  15. Jayedee wrote:

    Nope. Definitely not a shoe fanatic. I’ll choose comfort over style every time. Fortunately, with Crocs, I don’t have to make that choice

    Posted 5.6.16
  16. Nichole Patrick wrote:

    I don’t think I am a shoe fanatic as I know others who have a lot more shoes than I do, but with that being said, I do get really excited about a new pair.

    Posted 5.6.16
  17. Angelica Dimeo wrote:

    I love having different shoes to choose from

    Posted 5.7.16
  18. Laura wrote:

    Yes, I enjoy shopping for shoes! 🙂

    Posted 5.7.16
  19. Laura wrote:

    I could always use some more shoes. Love this!

    Posted 5.8.16
  20. Amy L wrote:

    I’m a comfortable shoe fanatic. The Sienna Flats you’re wearing look comfy 🙂

    Posted 5.8.16
  21. Cheryl B wrote:

    I am a shoe fantastic!

    Posted 5.8.16
  22. Margot C wrote:

    I’m not really, I once was, but now I am all about the comfortable. That’s why I love Crocks!

    Posted 5.9.16
  23. Brooke Banks wrote:

    I’m not a shoe fanatic. I’m practical and don’t really care or have the money. But for my next pairs of shoes (work and casual) I did find several kinds of crocs I’d love to have!!

    Posted 5.9.16

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