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J Crew Outlet Sale: My Top Picks

I’m lucky enough to live next to one of those J Crew Outlet stores. In fact, I have one just a few miles from my house. I also have a Gap Outlet and a Banana Republic outlet super close by. In other words, I buy all the things all year long.

My husband LOVES IT and when I say that I am using the most sarcastic voice possible. Whatever – I do. The entire family gets outfitted for greatly discounted prices all while staying on-trend.

It’s good for our budget and it’s good for my addiction.

I mean… for my entertainment.

J Crew Outlet

Same difference.

Because the weather is finally turning, I decided to pick up a few summer pieces and get ready for the warmer season. Check out these adorable scalloped shorts and peplum top. The entire look – top and bottom – ran me under $40.

More details here.

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J Crew Outlet Sale

In this link, you will find a variety of colors and styles from the J Crew Outlet. If you don’t like the checkered shorts I am wearing, you will find a variety of solid colors as well. But one thing is certain –  all the shorts I chose have scalloped bottoms because I absolutely love the detail! Such a feminine touch to it all, right?

I think that shorts like these from the J Crew Outlet can be dressed up or down depending on your accessories. If you opt for a pair of heels or wedges – that would truly change the vibe of your style. Here are a few options for you to consider.

Wedges Vs. Heels

These two pair of shoes are not from the J Crew Outlet, but I still wanted to give you these links.  I kept both styles SUPER neutral because that way you can wear them with any color or style. You don’t have to choose beige – go crazy if you want. But I wanted to post a very simple base to please the masses. 

Dolce Vita Shae Wedge Sandal – Women’s – White Faux Leather

Steve Madden – Stecy 

I literally own both of these styles.

Summer Bag

I love to use natural fabrics when thinking about summer bags. Nobody needs to carry sweaty pleather in June. Here’s another major confession. I usually get these type of bags in stores like TJ Maxx, Target and the J Crew Outlet. I  don’t want to spend a ton of money on an item I know is going to get thrown around. During these months, I spend my time at the pool, the beach, or running to take a ferry to Fire Island. That means my summer bag gets whipped around quite a bit. My winter bags can’t handle that kind of action.  Woven straw can take a punch.

Hat Attack Small Round Handle Bag


Again – have a little fun with your accessories. Bangles and baubles. Bright and bold gems and stones. Or you could even go after whites and blacks. The bigger the statement the better. I am in love with these earrings from Target.

Sugarfix by BaubleBar Beaded Drop Earrings

I hope this post offers you a little inspiration for the spring and summer. For more fashion posts, be sure to check out my style section.

How often do you shop at the J Crew Outlet? Do you ever visit their page online? I like to visit the store and their online site. Great deals on both!

*this post contains affiliate links

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