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Advice Quotes: Life Tips From 100 Women

I’m lucky enough to have quite a few friends on Facebook thanks to this online gig that I have.  Throughout the last decade or so, I’ve had the chance to cross paths with thousands of women and someway or another, we’ve all stayed in touch. Well, the other day, I reached out to my community and asked them to share their favorite advice quotes.

Advice Quotes

I mean – there are only so many Dwayne Johnson quotes I can read in a day. There weren’t many requirements for the task. The quotes could have been passed down by their parents or said by their favorite musicians. As long as they meant something special and were impactful, the quotes were fair game.

Over 100 people chimed in! I was excited!! I received emails, DMs and read comments on my FB wall all week long. It took quite a while to edit all the incoming data, but now it’s all buttoned up to share with you.

Advice quotes act as a reset for people. Sometimes, you might be having a pretty bad day and all you need is a little pick me up. I try to live each and every moment filled with gratitude, but we all know that doesn’t always happen. It’s the truth – just being honest.

If you are looking for advice quotes … you’ve come to the right place! Here are 100 to help you shake off whatever is bringing you down. You will note that some of the names are linked. These links will bring you to the blogs of some of my friends. I would love it if you clicked over and showed them some love.

Advice Quotes: Life Tips From 100 Women

  1. Never look back.  – Antonia
  2. You have to do what works for you, not what works for everyone else. – Megan 
  3. Better to be hated for who you are than loved for who you are not. – Dana 
  4. Never turn down an invite to celebrate a happy occasion. – Robyn
  5. What other people think of me is absolutely 100 percent NONE OF MY BUSINESS. – Staci
  6. Ask because the worst thing that can happen is they say no! – Leticia 
  7. Listen to advice, but always follow your heart. The heart truly knows what it best. – Katherine
  8. Don’t give up what you want most for what you want now. – Chandi
  9. It could always be worst, think of the good. – Pam
  10. I thought about quitting but then I noticed who was watching.  – Toni
  11. Everything changes… remember that in both the good and bad times. – Tonya
  12. The worst they can tell you is no. But you never get the yes if you never ask for it. – Jen
  13. Trust your gut & never apologize for who you really are. – Cori
  14. It doesn’t matter when you get married or when you have children.  You need to be self-sufficient and not rely on another person to make a living. – May
  15. Don’t go to bed angry, always kiss each other goodnight – Sarah
  16. There are 8 right ways to do everything. So, you should always go with your mom-gut when making parenting decisions. – Heather
  17. If you need more than one hand to count your good friends you better stop and recount. – Cherie-Lynn
  18. No matter who’s around… if you have something to say, say it. – Ofelia 
  19. Feel the fear and do it anyway …. Many things from flying in airplanes to speaking in public make me feel extremely uncomfortable. However, I know that in order to live the full and fabulous life I desire I need to step forward and push through to the other side. Waiting there for me will be my pina colada! And the makings of a life I’ve created by my own design. Not led by fear.  – Laurie
  20. Pivot as many times as you need to. – Jasmine 
  21. Get a bra fitting! You’ll feel better, look better, and thank yourself for it later. – JenéAdvice Quotes: Life Tips From 100 Women
  22.  Always remember your “why”. – Audrey
  23. My dad taught me (when shaking someone’s hand) to always make eye contact and give a good firm handshake. Never hand someone a “dead fish. “ – Allison
  24. Nobody wants unsolicited advice. So, don’t offer it. – Anna
  25. You’d feel better if you took a comb to that head and put some lipstick on.  – Amy
  26. When it comes to your kids- pick your battles! – Melissa 
  27. Nobody wants to hear your problems. 90% don’t care and 10% are happy you have them. So, keep going! – Cherie
  28. My dad was/and is a big believer in the saying that if you love what you do, it will never feel like work.  – Jennifer
  29. My mom always told me that where there is a will there is a way.  My dad always told me that I could do and be anything I wanted to be as long as I was willing to work hard enough for it. In the end, they were telling me the same thing; work hard and go after your dreams. There is nothing that can stop you but you. Those words have gotten me through a lot of hard moments. When I thought I couldn’t keep going or something was too hard, I just remembered that if I had the will…I could find the way. I teach my girls this same thing.  — Deborah
  30. If it don’t make dollars, it don’t make sense. Which I heard in a DJ Quik song years ago but has stuck with me! – Marissa
  31. If it’s not a “Hell, Yes,” it’s a firm “No.” – Tara
  32. Talent can only get you so far.  – Yanira
  33. Always listen to your mother. – Sylvia
  34. When a man breaks your heart, go for a haircut and lunch with your mom or a friend and cry it out – Sarah
  35. The Golden Rule. Always. In business, personal life, with your kids even. My mom’s advice. – DesireeAdvice Quotes: Life Tips From 100 Women
  36. It’s none of your business what another person thinks of you. – Lisa
  37. Stay on your own path and mind your own business!!! – Diane
  38. Weddings optional, Funerals mandatory. – Kimberly
  39. Don’t be afraid to be that girl. Don’t let it hold you back. Say the thing, do the thing, take the chance. – Nicole
  40. Start as you mean to go on. I read it in a parenting book, but it can be applied to so many things. – Amy
  41. The worst of times can be the best of times if you don’t let the worst get the best of you. – Amanda
  42. Doing will give you the discipline to do.   Do your best work and the time will take care of itself. – Pauline
  43. Stand up for what you believe in. – Nanette
  44. Never go to bed angry. – Harriette
  45. It’s all small stuff. – Jessica
  46. View the glass of life as half full and not half- empty.  – Sarah
  47. You will find that the best advice comes from people who don’t want to give it. The people who are first in line to give you their opinions usually have little to say. – Deborah 
  48. Always let your husband think he’s making the decisions, but actually be the one making the decisions. – Sabrina
  49. What other people think of you is none of your business. – Lucrecer
  50. It’s one day at a time with teenagers! – Sarah
  51. To move a mountain you still start with 1 step forward. – Adam
  52. Don’t feel bad about feeling bad. – Cheryl
  53. Stay focused. – Amber
  54. Always take the risk! You’ll either be rewarded greatly or at least know you gave it a shot. – Sabrina
  55. Gloria Steinem once told ME in college to be a woman who takes no SH**! – Amy
  56. 1, 2, 5 years from now you won’t remember what you paid for a vacation, but you will remember the experience. – Cassie
  57. Listen to the elders. Society today doesn’t respect them anymore, but they have lived through it all already. – Martha
  58. Don’t do business with friends. It never turns out the way you want it to. Vanessa
  59. Behavior never lies. – Rebecca
  60. It’s not what you say, but how you say it. – Kim
  61. Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.  – Nikitha
  62. Never start a conversation without saying “Good Morning” – Heather
  63. Remember the days you’re in because this right now are the good old days you’ll talk about. – Alexandra
  64. “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” – Carole
  65. Talent without strategy is the sound of one hand clapping – Laine
  66. Be yourself and if you can’t then be a mermaid. but also to find something to be happy about each day; it’s okay to make mistakes, it’s how we learn; if you love what you do, then it’s not work; always believe that something great is about to happen  – Meredith
  67. Sales is problem-solving – Morra
  68. Fear = False Expectations Appearing Real – Cassie
  69. As funny as it sounds, “Let it go” is probably one of the best things someone can do for themselves. – Cathy 
  70. Believe you can, and you will – Jennifer
  71. It’s better to beg for forgiveness, than to ask for permission .  – Kim
  72. Be yourself. – Laura
  73. This too shall pass. – Meghan
  74. It’s a long life; choose someone you can talk with for decades. – Melinda
  75. Mind your own business. You can’t get caught up in garbage when you do that. – Natasha 
  76.  My dad always told me to look at each job the way that I played sports. Learn every position, make yourself indispensable and always be coachable. He said every team will want you and every job will not want to work without you. I love that about him and have always considered myself a utility player anywhere I go. I learn everything I can. That dude (my dad) is pretty smart! – Stacie
  77. Remember who you are” and we passed this to the twins and added “do you”. I take this personally and in business for my brand. – Dana
  78. Knowledge is power. – Rebecca
  79. My late aunt used to tell me tell me to accept my friends for who they are and who they are not to you. For example, you could have a friend who’s your confidant or who you turn to for good advice, but is not your favorite party buddy or even the person you can count on for a ride to the airport, but they are all equally important to your happiness, so love and appreciate them for who they are. – Ari Advice Quotes: Life Tips From 100 Women
  80. Your time is your inventory. – Melissa
  81. Something will happen. – Casey
  82. If you get credit for a good deed, it wasn’t a good deed. – Kristin
  83. My dad told me 3 things: 1. Never play leap frog with a Unicorn (OUCH!) 2. Pick your battles. 3. The punishment should fit the crime (the last one was for parenting.)  – Nichole 
  84. Worst first. Do the worst things on your list first.  – Danica 
  85. The answer is no to 100% of the questions you don’t ask. – Danica 
  86. Everything Happens for a Reason – Katie
  87. The best things in life are not things. – Pam
  88. Our best experiences in life are your bad experiences…those are the life lessons that teach you the most” – Nancy 
  89. “Handle it.” (Compliments of my mom.) AND “Stupider people than me have figured this out” (I made this one up myself.) both have carried me through life and career.  – Jill
  90. It takes a lot of ‘No’s’ to make you very appreciative of any ‘Yes’ remember the road behind you paved the mountain ahead  – Dana
  91. Actions speak louder than words!  – Joanne
  92. My former boss once told me “if you’re not standing on the edge you are taking up to much space.” – Jennifer
  93. Go to college. – Marianne
  94.  I had a drama prof in university who told me that people who don’t cry get colds. I used to be hard as a rock before kids and I was always sick. Kids broke me and I cry all the time — but I’m almost never ill. Guess she was right! – Andrea 
  95. “We all travel a unique path, although many times in the same vehicle. Be careful not to compare your journey to that of someone else.”  – Christine
  96. Take time to be proud of yourself. – Katie
  97. Go where they are going to let you do what you want to do. – Emily
  98. Make your bed every morning. (Seems a little ridiculous to be the “best” piece of advice but it actually changed my life – when I start my day by making the bed it reminds me that I am that person that takes care of the things in their life. And no matter what happens the rest of the day I come back to a lovely bedroom, clear of clutter and chaos and I can fully relax) – Mary
  99. Don’t be afraid to give up what you can’t keep in order to gain what you can’t lose. – Rebecca
  100. Always speak politely to an enraged dragon. – Rhea

We aren’t done! I even have a few advice quotes from men! I had a few guys chime in and I didn’t want to leave them out! I know that there are only three, but these advice quotes could not be left out!

Advice Quotes: Life Tips From Men

  1. Keep going, and keep moving forward. Even if you’ve encountered the biggest setback of your life. Just keep moving forward. – Benjamin
  2. Be weary of a job that comes with a set of keys. – Joshua
  3. Anything is possible. Just break it down into small piles. Life is so much easier when you’re dealing with lots of small piles, rather than one gigantic pile. – Andrew

I love all of these advice quotes. Some of them I recognize and others are truly new. Most feel like sage advice to me. Do you have any that you’d like to add? Would love to hear! Leave your comment below. While I have you – why not hop on over to this post and read up on 100 things you should be thankful for today. Let’s keep the positive juices rolling!

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