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Learn Your Food Intolerances From Home: Pinner Test Kit

The Pinner Test is an at-home food tolerance test that tests blood samples you provide via a finger prick. Within a matter of weeks, you will have a better understanding of what foods you should avoid and get the answers you so desperately need.

Recently I decided to give this new technology a try and I was really surprised by the results. In fact, I was shocked! With minimal effort, I was able to see what foods my body wants me to avoid and learned how to better take care of myself – all without having to step food inside a doctor’s office.

Pinner test

What Is Food Intolerance?

Food intolerance is when your body has a hard time completely digesting something. There are proteins from this food that end up making their way to your bloodstream undissolved because of it! This usually causes an immune system reaction.

Pinnertest, Food Intolerance Test, is an FDA-compliant LDT blood test that can figure out which exact foods your body reacts to in this way.

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I’ve ALWAYS wanted to find out what kind of food intolerances I have because I am a very sensitive person. I’m not quite allergic 100% to anything, but I can tell that my body has an aversion to certain types of food.

Some of the results I received from my Pinner test are NO SURPRISE. There are particular trigger foods that always make me feel uncomfortable and naturally, they were front and center

pinner test food intolerance

Have you ever wanted to find out what food intolerances you have from the comforts of your own home? The Pinner Test is so EASY to use! 

It took a few weeks to get my results back and there were FOUR items marked in my red column. On your report, there are two columns – red and green. Simple enough, right? Red you avoid. Green you continue to eat.

Here is their key breakdown for columns and degrees:

Pinnertest kit

As a reminder, this is a food intolerance home test, not an allergy test. If you suffer classic allergic (IgE) reactions to any of these foods, DO NOT eat them even if they are on the green column.

Your test results are complementary to and not a substitute for the best medical help. As always, it is best to visit a professional doctor to seek medical advice if you think you are suffering from serious issues.

Does The Pinner Test Diagnose Celiac Disease?

This Pinner Test will not identify all the different types of food sensitivity (such as lactose intolerance), and it is not diagnostic for celiac disease.

If your chronic symptoms do not improve significantly over the next few weeks, contact a health professional.

As a reminder, this is solely for insensitivities.

Onto My Food Intolerance Results

Example report pinner test

The list is a lot longer than this – I am only showing you where I have red column marks. I need to avoid DAIRY (which I absolutely knew), WHEAT (which I absolutely knew), ALMONDS, and OLIVES.

Almonds and olives are so very confusing to me. I don’t recall having any sort of physical reactions to either one of them but I will be conscious of my response the next time I decide to give either one of them a go.

Pinnertest kit for food intolerance

However…. WHEAT is a big one for me. I have Hashimoto’s Disease and should eat a gluten-free diet in order to alleviate the symptoms associated with it. Seeing that I have a food intolerance to WHEAT makes complete sense.

My body doesn’t want wheat – it actually works against me. So, it naturally is rejecting it. I actually had a feeling this would show up.

But… I mean… wheat and dairy? What does the world want from me? Really!?

Are you curious about what you are sensitive to? This Pinnertest is truly eye-opening!!

How much is a Pinner Test?

This at home food tolerance test retails for $380 dollars. I know it sounds a bit steep, but knowledge is power. Once you know about the foods you should avoid, you can change your literal life.

Do at Home Food allergy tests work?

As mentioned, home food allergy tests are really for intolerances. They do not test for allergies. In order to test for allergies, you must visit your doctor.

I recently went and got a proper screening and even when I did the arm pricking thing with my allergist, he told me that I wasn’t testing for celiac. So, there are really different levels of scrutiny you have to go through in order to understand your body.

This is truly level ONE.

What are the most common food intolerances?

  • Dairy
  • Gluten
  • Shellfish
  • Nuts
  • Corn
  • Eggs
  • Salicylates
  • Sulfites
  • Fructose
  • Caffeine

Can a food intolerance cause weight gain?

The answer is yes. Plain and simple. A food intolerance can cause weight gain and the Pinner Test will help you determine which foods you should avoid to get back on the right track.

Can food intolerances go away?

Believe it or not, food intolerances are not the same thing as food allergies. The truth is they often resolve on their own. So, should you get test results back that are displeasing, all hope is not lost.

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Amanda Love

Friday 21st of April 2017

This is my first time hearing this test and I think it's good to try this especially if you're unsure where your food allergies are coming from. It's not that difficult to use either. Very nice.

Debra Schroeder

Thursday 13th of April 2017

This is interesting. I had no idea that you could do a self-test. The wonders of technology.

Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

Thursday 13th of April 2017


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