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How To Be A Decent Human Being

We are just a few days away from the new year and it got me thinking about what changes I personally want to make – mentally and physically. That turned into a wish list for all of humanity and then an hour later…this post was born about how to be a decent human being. Hope you enjoy!! 😉

Decent Human Being

It’s important to always reassess your personal mental and emotional state when the world has you on edge. With stress pressing down on us on a constant basis, there are adjustments we can make to personally become decent human beings.

These self-improvement ideas are easy to follow and highlight small changes you can make in your daily life.

How To Be A Decent Human Being

how to be a decent human being

Put your shopping carts back before you get in your car. Don’t tell me you sprained your foot this week. I’m talking about on a typical day. During your normal routine, do everyone a favor and be polite.

how to be a nice person

Clean up after yourself in a public bathroom. I mean, honestly… nothing ruins my day more than having to clean up another person’s bodily liquids. NOTHING.

it's important to be nice

Don’t judge me if my children are not having their best day while we are all shopping in the store together. Do you think I want to be walking around with three screaming hyenas? Give me a break. Give them a break. Give us all a break.


For the love of God, control your screaming children. Or at least make an effort to.

I have kids of my own and I see you not trying even a little bit to quiet that tantrum. It would help if you would at least acknowledge the show they are putting on for you – or at the bare minimum supply popcorn for the chosen few who are privy to it.

society rules

Take your children somewhere they’ve never been before and where English is not the first language. Teach them a true appreciation of travel.

Instill a love for other cultures. Help them understand that this world is vast and diverse and utterly amazing. This is important if you want to raise decent human beings.

raising decent human beings

Stop at lemonade stands. Even if you aren’t thirsty.

be nice and love one another

Remember to play in the rain and get dirty. Adults, I’m talking to you.

treat yourself kindly

Start caring about what you are eating. I know it’s pricey, but think about all the other things you are spending money on and think about what is more important.

decent human being rules

Join some groups. Start some groups. Get out of your house and off of the Internet and start being around people again. In order to be a decent human being, you must surround yourself with some.

decent human being roles

Get moving. It’s time to start taking care of yourself again. Walking, running, yoga, Zumba – whatever you want! Just do something.

listen to people

When someone is talking to you – let them actually talk to you. Don’t sit there just thinking about what you are going to say as soon as they finish their train of thought. Be present in everything that you do.

how to be a good friend

Become charitable and not just around the holidays. Remember this message all year long. If you are very overwhelmed with this concept, think locally.

pray and go to church

Bring God back into your life – on a daily basis. Talk to him regularly. Teach your children to do the same. Go to church every Sunday.

Make this a family commitment that never wavers. Believe in something bigger than yourself. Have faith. Teach faith. Embrace hope. A lot of people don’t think this is important – but I do.

family and faith

If you see a service man or woman, thank them. It might feel awkward at first, but push through it. Thank them because they are leaving their families to protect this country and it’s something we so easily forget.

I’m not sure I could ever be that brave. In fact, I am sure that I couldn’t. Shake their hand. Buy them a cup of coffee. They deserve all this and more.

don't be a hater

Stop hating on the Internet. Stop making every comment someone leaves on Facebook relate to you in some way. Stop twisting everything around so it somehow involves you and insults you just so you can get into the conversation. Stop. Drop. And get a life.  No seriously…

be nice to people

Start a new hobby! Learn something new. Explore a new path. Expand your mind. What will you do new in 2016?  Do it until you are an expert.

be a good person

Stop saying nasty things to people in a really nice way. For instance, “I don’t know how you travel so much. You are so amazing! I could never leave my kids that much. I would be a wreck being without them for that long. I mean, I guess I just love my babies too much.”

 You just look stupid. So, let’s just push forward in the New Year with a new attitude to just leave those comments behind us and set forth with a brand new state of mind. A nonjudgmental and a less critical mind!

be good

Facebook updates that are all peachy keen meanwhile all you do is tell everyone behind your husband’s back that you can’t stand him… maybe we should stop writing those??? Let’s just be honest and real this year?! What say you?

giphy (13)

Hashtags are ok online … but let’s stop saying them in real life to one another. #prettyplease

rules of life

If you try to go into a bathroom stall, and it’s locked… don’t knock. Let’s just assume a) someone is in there or b) it’s out of order. Either way, you can’t get in. Don’t make me talk to you to tell you I am in there. Just wait.

give people grace

Ease up on your family members. Everyone is carrying their own burden. Your kids are stressed about school. Your spouse is worried about the house, your relationship and work.

It’s all a lot to handle. Remember that when you are about to dive in for the kill. This is important if you want to be a decent human being.

don't be a right fighter

Don’t be a right fighter. I believe people should stand up for themselves. They should fight to work through an argument. They should scream until things are settled. (I’m Italian – there’s no other way).

But don’t just fight to be RIGHT. Fight to push your relationship forward. Don’t fight to WIN. There’s no point in that. The earlier you learn this lesson the better.

get involved in your community

Get more involved in your community. Be an active member of society. See what you can do and then do more. This doesn’t require money – it just requires time and we all have some of that to give.

pick up litter

See litter on the street? Pick it up.  This doesn’t need much more explaining. If everyone picked up what they saw, the world would look a whole lot different.

be a nice human

Stay away from trashy TV. Use the time you spend watching Reality TV and put it towards family game night instead… or a good book… or a warm bubble bath. ANYTHING BUT THAT.

I know it’s mind-numbing, but that’s the point. It’s a complete waste of time. We only have so many years on this Earth. Don’t waste it watching you know WHO.

leave a big tip

Leave a bigger tip. Listen… what are a few more dollars to you? It won’t hurt as much as it will help that waiter or waitress. Give what you can. Just a few bucks more can truly make someone’s day.

take chances

Take chances. Stop saying “No” to things that scare you. Go for it. Be brave. Have an adventure. Make a memory.

be thankful

Be thankful. Concentrate on what you have to be grateful for and then thank the Lord for what you have. Every day.

learn something new

Learn something new every day. Life goal. And pass this one down to your kids as well. In fact, if you have kids – have them tell you something they learned in school during dinner. Make it a fun conversation starter. We are forever growing. Let’s grow together.

Here’s to a great year! Do you have anything you’d like to add to this list? Would love to hear!

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