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Have A Picky Eater? Try Nutella For Breakfast

Do you have a child who gives you a hard time at breakfast? How about one who doesn’t want to eat whole grains? A tablespoon of Nutella will fix those issues right up.

Nutella is a tasty unique spread made with quality ingredients, including roasted hazelnuts, skim milk and a hint of cocoa. That’s what makes it look like chocolate. Very deceptive. Made with more than 50 hazelnuts in every jar, Nutella hazelnut spread does not contain any artificial colors or preservatives.

nutella for breakfast

Different Ways To Eat Nutella For Breakfast

Nutella is quite popular around the world and many people love to have it for breakfast. You can use Nutella in various ways during your breakfast routine to make your mornings more exciting. The following are some of these ways:

1. Add it to your toast or bagel: Simply spreading Nutella on toast or bagels as you normally would will give you a great breakfast that tastes amazing and keeps you full until lunchtime. If you want an extra kick of flavor, try topping your toast with fresh berries or other fruit before adding the Nutella filling.

2. Make a smoothie: Nutella makes a fantastic base for making tasty smoothies. Simply blend a few scoops of Nutella with some ice, milk and any other desired ingredients such as fruit or protein powder to create a delicious breakfast smoothie that you can sip on your way to work or school.

3. Make pancakes: Another great way to enjoy the delicious flavor of this chocolatey spread is to add it to your pancake mix before cooking. simply swirl some Nutella into the batter for each pancake you prepare for an extra chocolatey treat in the morning.

4. Bake muffins: Muffins are also another delicious option for having Nutella for breakfast and they are especially easy if you make them ahead of time and freeze them overnight. Many recipes call for combining buttermilk, butter, and eggs with your favorite dry ingredients and then adding a swirl of Nutella to the mix before baking.

5. Make waffles: If you prefer using your waffle maker for breakfast, then you can also add some Nutella to the batter for an extra rich and flavorful treat. Simply add about 1/4 cup into the regular pancake or waffle batter recipe for a simple but delicious way to enjoy this chocolate spread first thing in the morning.

6. Add it to crepes: Crepes are another great option for enjoying Nutella at breakfast, especially if you like thin pancakes that are rolled up when they are done cooking. These make wonderful treats if you top them off with fresh fruit or whipped cream as well.

7. Make french toast: Another way to enjoy Nutella at breakfast is to make it into French toast. Simply use any French toast recipe you normally would, but add a little bit of Nutella to the egg and milk mixture before dipping your bread into it and cooking on the griddle. This gives your French toast an extra chocolatey flavor that many people love.

8. Mix with oatmeal: For those who prefer hot cereals for breakfast, adding some Nutella can be a great way to start off your day as well. You can simply warm up some milk or water and then stir in a few spoons of Nutella to give your regular bowl of oats or cream of wheat a delicious chocolatey flavor.

9. Try it with eggs: Adding a little bit of Nutella to scrambled or fried eggs is another great way to make your morning meal more exciting. Simply add a spoonful to the eggs before cooking and then mix them together as they cook for an easy way to enjoy Nutella at breakfast that takes literally minutes in the kitchen.

10. Eat it by the spoonful: Of course, you can also simply enjoy some Nutella right out of the jar for breakfast if you like! This requires no preparation at all and gives you an instant sugar boost in the morning that will leave you happy and energized until lunchtime. Just be aware that it is high in calories so limit yourself to one serving or just have it as a dessert after breakfast if you want to keep your calories in check.

As you can see, there are many different ways to enjoy this delicious chocolate spread for breakfast. Whether you prefer something hot or cold, savory or sweet, it is easy to make any of these options for enjoying this tasty treat in the morning and starting off your day with a smile on your face.

No Peanuts Included

Have a kid who is allergic to peanuts? No problem!! The spread does not contain peanuts or peanut ingredients, nor does the product come in contact with peanuts during manufacturing.

A jar will run you about $3.49. If you go to a LARGER retailer (like Target or Walmart) you might get it for less.

So what do you think? Will you give Nutella a shot? Are you already using the spread?

Because a blogger is for life, not just for Christmas

Thursday 5th of January 2012

[...] who told them why (in their view) Nutella makes a healthy breakfast for kids. Of course, many of the bloggers went off and wrote about their experiences and repeated what they’d heard [...]


Friday 12th of March 2010

My kids love love love it specially my 7 year old :o) I do not mind the odd piece of toast with it either!!


Friday 12th of March 2010

Dear Vera,I used to love Nutella, I'd put tons of it on bread, I was a real Nutellaholic!A few years ago, I stopped eating it in the morning and slowly lost a few pounds, without changing anything else in my diet.I still find it good and eat some from time to time, but I don't think it is a good thing to say that Nutella is really healthy for children, at least not on a daily basis.There are plenty of calories in it, it's full of modified palm oil, and it certainly isn't organic.Quality bread, maybe with some (organic) jam on it, semi-skimmed milk and fruits probably make a better breakfast.Which doesn't mean one can't indulge from time to time! (Maybe on days when you are sure that your kids are going to make plenty of exercice?)Just saying... Sorry for being such a killjoy!


Thursday 11th of March 2010

Omg, we LOVE nutella! The BEST is to smear it on some crusty french bread. mmmm I had NO idea there wasn't chocolate in it!


Wednesday 10th of March 2010

Vera,My Grankids Love love love it, Now melt some and dip strawberries and bananas they don't know they are not eating chcolate. Welcome to nutells world

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