Freshen Up Your Routine Today With These Quick Tips

This post was sponsored by CLEAR CARE® PLUS. All opinions are my own.

I love when the change of the season is upon us because it means a shift of consciousness for all. We change the way we tackle our day, the way we handle our weekly routines, and we even change our beauty habits to deal with the climate shifts. As a beauty buff, there’s nothing I look forward to more than a makeup refresh. My skin needs it. My mind needs it. My soul needs it!

So, how do I freshen up my life at the turn of each season? Easy! I look at what changes have occurred and then tend to those needs.


Skincare: SPF always remains in all of my beauty products year round, but during the colder months I opt for moisturizers that offer a thicker barrier to help me combat the harsher weather I’m about to face.

I also look for body wash that offers the same benefits — looking to moisturize more during my shower because my dry skin will need it throughout this time of the year.

Seasonal Scents: I’m a sucker for a good Fall or Winter scent. As soon as the leaves begin to fall, I run to the store and buy all the pumpkin spice products I can find.

Seasonal Cleaning: Back to School is the start of a mom’s new year and personally that’s when I start to clean out all excess clothing, toys, blankets, sheets and kitchen supplies that I’ve been holding onto all year long. This is when my annual purge begins. I continue to shed excess weight until right before Christmas when I then refill my house up with more household items than one could ever need. But hey! It feels good for a few months to have less and I actually LIKE getting rid of things we don’t need. I highly suggest you add this process to your routine.

Hair Masks: To prepare for the winter, I also do a hair moisturizing sealing treatment at the salon. After I get a fresh new cut, I spend a few extra dollars to help strengthen my cuticles and my locks always thank me for it later. You can continue maintenance on your own at home with drugstore buys that are super affordable and effective. However, for your first seal lock, I do suggest hitting up the salon.



CLEAR CARE®PLUS wants to help you continue to freshen up this season by giving your contact lenses that fresh lens feeling.  CLEAR CARE® PLUS has active bubbles to clean your lenses in a way no multi-purpose solution can. Contact lenses are absolutely one product that you want to ensure are as clean as can be! Switch from your basic multi-purpose solution and take your lens care to the next level today for cleaner-feeling lenses, better lens comfort and more hours of comfortable lens wear.


Curious how to use CLEAR CARE® PLUS? No problem! Check out the easy cheat sheet above. This can serve as a great reminder for first-time users and old pros alike!

BONUS: If you are looking for a $5 off coupon, click here. The brand is offering one online and it is too good to pass up.


So, how are you going to freshen up your routine this year? It’s always a great way to jump right into a season and get excited for what’s to come.

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  1. I’ll have to give Clear Care a try. I’m so unhappy with what I’m using with my contacts right now.

    Posted 11.28.16
  2. I love this! I’m a huge fan of seasonal cleaning. It’s a great way to get a fresh start every so often. Really deep cleaning makes me happy.

    Posted 11.28.16
  3. Eloise wrote:

    I’ll have to keep the contact cleaner in mind when my son turns 10 yrs old he can start wearing those! (in 2 yrs!) Duly noted!

    Posted 11.28.16
  4. I don’t miss havig contacts that’s for sure! I save a lot of time in the morning and night!

    Posted 11.29.16
  5. These are great tips. I like refreshing my routine when the season changes. My sister uses Clear Care for her contacts.

    Posted 11.29.16
  6. Wendy Polisi wrote:

    This is so smart tips! Having these routine everyday is such an important hygiene.

    Posted 11.29.16
  7. My Teen Guide wrote:

    I’ve never tried this one! It looks really perfect care. I’m gonna try it.

    Posted 11.29.16
  8. I used to use contacts but I gave it up, it’s time consuming. These are great tips though.

    Posted 11.29.16
  9. rika wrote:

    I also use this brand! Highly recommend this product for contact users! So good!

    Posted 11.29.16
  10. I’ll have to keep these in mind when I start back wearing contacts. Thanks for sharing. – yolonda

    Posted 11.30.16
  11. Nile wrote:

    The biggest thing, especially in the colder months, I try to moisturize my skin and scalp more, so they don’t dry. Great tips!

    Posted 11.30.16
  12. Lynndee wrote:

    Thanks for the tip about the hair mask. I’ve never tried it, but now I think it’s just what my hair needs.

    Posted 11.30.16

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