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Free Bill Payment Organizer Printable – Monthly Bill Money Tracker

Use this free bill payment organizer printable to help you stay on top of all the household expenses you have each and every month. If you are someone who needs help staying on top of your budget and your bill due dates, this bill money tracker should do the trick.

 Bill Payment Organizer

Personally, I am someone that cannot rely on online apps or good ol’ memory to serve me. I am a pen and paper kind of girl. I need to check this off my list and see – in my hand – what needs to be done and when.

That’s why this bill money tracker is the only tool that works for me. I like to have all my ducks in a row. Or in this case, all my bill due dates in a column. The way to get ahead of the game is to become organized.

In order to start saving, you have to know what you owe FIRST. The only way to know what you owe is to write it all down on one piece of paper. This bill payment organizer will help you do just that.

bill tracker

Free Bill Payment Organizer Printable – Monthly Bill Money Tracker

If you struggle with budgeting, a bill tracker will keep you on track. Personally, this tool helps my husband and I stay on top of all our bills because systematic automation was actually HURTING US. Hear me out.

Why Did I Create This Bill Payment Tracker Printable?

My husband and I have several credit cards and a million household bills. Some were created in his name and others were created in mine. When it came to their payment cycle, their notification systems were all different.

Some were automatically paid, others were sent via email, and then the rest we received through the traditional mail. Naturally, we were missing some of these requests.

The automated emails – the ones you would THINK would be the easiest ones to work through – were the ones we found were the hardest to keep up with!

Those were the emails that would end up in spam. Paying late fees because you missed an email is just unfair. So, we needed to create a check and balance system that could help us to remember that those bills were coming. How could we pay bills on time if we forgot that we had them to pay?

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How To Use This Bill Organizer

It’s so simple to use this bill organizer. This tracker will allow you to log every single bill that you pay each month – in pencil. You can change the due date and the balance as you move across the year.

By placing everything on one sheet, you can have a snapshot of your life – all in one place. Place this in a binder filled with important notes, on the side of your fridge, in your bedside table, or your junk drawer. Whenever you think you can easily access it for reference.

Personally, we have a binder where we keep printables outlining important goals we want to hit.

You don’t know where you stand financially unless you figure it all out. And you can’t figure it all out unless you use something like a bill payment tracker to do so!

How To Organize Bills

As you are working through your bills, you can check off each box – right down the month – as soon as you pay every bill. You will notice right away if one of your bills is missing from your current month. I cannot tell you how many times this bill payment tracker printable has saved us!

We would have 8 out of 9 bills paid and then realize that one of our emails went to spam! It would cause us to register that a bill was missing. No late fees! BAM!

Automation is a great thing… when it works. We still need humans, people!! We aren’t there yet. Not yet! bill payment tracker

How To Organize Bills Every Month – 5 Easy Steps

  1. Download your copy of the bill payment tracker.
  2. List every bill that you pay each month. Make sure that you check digital records as well. Some credit cards send emails these days as reminders.
  3. Create a system where you keep your incoming mail near the tracker. Pay bills as they enter your home. Check off every month as you do.
  4. Try to set up autopay options if possible. Most companies – like cable, phone, and church services – offer this option if you opt-in. If you have a bill on auto-pay, you will still receive notice from the company when a payment goes through. Be sure to log that payment every month to stay up to date.
  5. Stay on top of your budget routine and look for outliers. When most of your month is checked off, look for bills that are still unchecked. Call those companies and ask for balances and request paper records if necessary.

Do you have any tips regarding the bill payment organizer that you’d like to share?

Free Bill Payment Tracker Printable

Download Your Copy Of The Bill Payment Organizer Today

Be sure to click here to download your copy of the bill payment tracker. What an easy way to get back on the right foot.

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How to organize bills can be a very personal thing – everyone does it differently. I hope this bill tracker printable helps you in some way!

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