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How Much Money Did I Make On eBay As A Seller During My First Month? TRUE PROFIT PLUS Free Spreadsheet Expense Tracker

Hey, eBay sellers. I came up with an expense tracker spreadsheet last night that will help you track your expenses and your TRUE profits while getting your side hustle on. I made it available to the public for FREE because I think everyone needs this sort of tool to help their business soar. Click here to check out the expense tracker. No strings attached. Just view the Google Drive Spreadsheet and download it so you can get more organized at home.

I’ve been doing a TON of reading about eBay and learning more about their expense and fee scales. I need to start tracking these because at the end of the year, I will need to deduct these for taxes. My accountant will need something easy to read. It’s better to track AS YOU GO. Do not wait until January to get your eBay expenses in order. Use this spreadsheet to start to get on top of it all.

The video explains how I use the spreadsheet – but the one that I made available to the public does not have the BULQ column included because odds are that you don’t have to worry about that MISTAKE LIKE ME OMG.

So, please enjoy the free eBay expense tracker and get selling!!

If you’d like to follow my eBay selling and thrifting YouTube channel, I would love to have you.

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