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Streaming Your Entertainment? Introducing The Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player

Who watches regular TV anymore? We literally DO NOT. I mean, I am in the middle of renovating my entire house – this is not a joke. I just removed my office and replaced it with a den and did not even worry about getting a cable box. All I was concerned about was getting a smart TV and a comfy couch. It’s all about setting up means to stream your favorite entertainment these days. The Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player is a great option to do just that!

Are you looking to save money by cutting the cord to cable? If you ever thought about getting rid of cable, I’ve actually done the math and it’s quite economical. We spend a LOT of money on a LOT of channels we NEVER watch. Consider streaming your entertainment with the Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player.

Streaming Your Entertainment? Introducing The Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player
About The Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player

You can watch movies, shows, live TV, YouTube, and photos streaming on your TV from all your family’s devices.¹ Talk about multifunctional! I love that everything I do on a regular basis can happen all thanks to the Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player. But it doesn’t stop there — I can even stream from my phone straight to my TV. That just makes it all so easy.

How To Stream From Your Phone

Plug Chromecast into the HDMI port on your TV and to power and stream your favorite entertainment right from your phone with just a tap. Watch shows, listen to playlists, and more. And while streaming, you can still use your phone as you normally do.

Works with the streaming apps you know and love

Enjoy TV shows, movies, videos, songs, games, sports and more from over 2000 apps like Netflix, YouTube, YouTube TV, and HBO NOW. Find more at¹

Start streaming with just your voice

Just say what you want to watch from compatible apps and control your TV hands-free, with Chromecast and Google Home working seamlessly together.²

“Ok Google, play Stranger Things from Netflix on my living room TV.” ¹

Other Information

  1. High-speed wireless connectivity: Built-in 802.11ac Wi-Fi connects to the Internet through your wireless home network (wireless router required and sold separately).
  2. Compatible with your existing HDTV: Easily connects to high-definition televisions with HDMI connectivity.

Interested in Purchasing The Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player

See it. Stream it.

Chromecast is designed to make the most of the apps and entertainment already on your phone. Shows, movies, live TV, YouTube, photos and more. It’s all just a tap away from all of your family’s devices.

Be sure to visit Best Buy for more information about the Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player.

¹ Subscriptions are required to view some content.

² Google Home, Chromecast, and compatible content required to cast to a TV using Google Home.

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