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    How To Get Rid Of Your Cable: In Math Formula Form

    My husband and I have been toying with the idea of getting rid of cable for quite some time now and I think that we are finally going to DO IT. We never use our home phone and just found out today that we can put our house alarm on radio waves. The only REASON why we were keeping our land line was we thought our security system needed it! Now that we have this new information, we are pushing forward with some new options. Getting rid of cable is priority number one.

    I asked my good friends on Facebook how they manage without cable and phone lines and BOY did I get a variety of answers. I wanted to jot down the combinations for you in case you were thinking of making the switch. While going through the 50+ comments, I felt a bit overwhelmed. So, I needed to extrapolate the data and see it a bit clearer.

    Products that are included in my “RID YOURSELF OF CABLE” MATH EQUATIONS

    The same products are referenced over and over again in the multiple combinations below. Use this price key as a way to determine what your new monthly cost will be once you cut the cord.

    • Hulu: $5.99 or $39.99 with Live TV included
    • Netflix: $9.99 for standard – includes HD. There is a $7.99 option as well.
    • Amazon Prime: $99 year or $8.25 a month (PS if you already pay for this – should you include it in your formula? I’m not so sure)
    • ROKU Stick (one-time purchase): $31.99
    • YouTube TV (access to ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, CW and about 30 other channels w/ a cloud DVR) : $35
    • Amazon Firestick: $39.99
    • Sling TV: Starting at $20 a month – currently offering a free ROKU
    • HD Antenna (one-time purchase): $28.99
    • Tablo DVR: $259

    How To Get Rid Of Cable:

    I will work on the first formula for you so you can see where I am going with this.

    Hulu ($5.99) + Netflix ($9.99) + Amazon Prime ($8.25) = $24.23 a month

    Hulu + SlingTV + Amazon Prime + Netflix

    Firestick + Netflix + Parent’s Cable login

    Smart TV with Hulu + Netflix + Amazon Prime + Sling (if you like sports)

    Called cable company – threatened with this info and they lowered the monthly fee

    Hulu + Netflix + Amazon + HD channels + apps on XBox

     TabloTV DVR ota 4 turner. ($400 + Monthly $7 fee for guide) + Netflix (Free T-Mobile)

    Apple TV + Hulu + Netflix + CBS All Access

    Unlocked Firestick with Kodi

     Apple TV + Amazon Fire TV

    Hulu + Amazon prime + Netflix + free apps like Fox accessed through the Xbox

    Roku + (Sling TV or DirecTV) +Netflix + Amazon Prime

    Amazon Prime + Netflix + Rotate Hulu / HBO / Showtime as needed

    Prime Access + Netflix

    Amazon Fire TV box+  Netflix + Hulu + CBS + Sling

    YouTube TV +  Hulu + Netflix + Amazon Prime

    Netflix + DirectTV Now + HBO

    The Conclusion: Will We Get Rid Of Cable?

    YESSSS! For us, this is hundreds of dollars of savings a MONTH. It’s just illogical to not do this.

    Lots of options here, right? Most have the same three apps included and guess what? I pay for two of them already! So, making the switch for me is a no-brainer.

    Do you have cable? Are you thinking of making the switch? Have you already done it? Would love to hear!


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