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GoPro Hero6 Black: Top Tech Gift Of The Season!

This post is in partnership with Best Buy.

I got my hands on the GoPro Hero6 Black and I can tell you right now that it will be the TOP tech gift of the season. As someone who films for a living – literally – I have to say that this product is top of the line and super convenient to use. All day long, you know what I do. I take photos for the blog. I take videos of my kids on the soccer field. It’s all about documentation. Sometimes you just don’t want to use a bulky DSLR. Those puppies offer quality results – don’t get me wrong. But I find that I tend to turn to my iPhone out of convenience. Do I want to lug around a 5-pound camera in my bag? Or do I want to shoot and go? You know the answer. Well, the GoPro Hero6 Black gives me the best of both worlds. TOP quality imagery and graphics with that lightweight field this mom on the go is looking for! The holidays are right around the corner – get this product on your list today. Head to Best Buy as soon as you stop reading this post and snag one for yourself and one for that special someone in your life.

Features from the GoPro Hero6:

  • 4K footage at up to 60 frames per second
  • 1080p footage at up to 240 fps
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Incredible transfer speeds
  • Enhanced low-light performance compared to older models

I’ve owned older models of the GoPro and used it while on vacation with my family, to vlog while driving in the car (you need to buy an accessory to attach the camera to your car window), and basically everywhere in between. Now that the upgraded version has hit the streets, I’m so excited to bring more quality and crispness to my memories!

I made a quick video to show you a little bit about the GoPro Hero6 and how easy it is to use. I even show you where to place the mini SD card because I literally spent a good 15 minutes trying to figure it out. What is wrong with me?! LOL. You’d think I’d remember! Sigh.

The GoPro Hero6 Is Included on the Top Tech list from Best Buy

That’s right! Here’s a scoop you won’t want to forget! Best Buy has named the GoPro Hero6 a tech to remember this holiday season. If you are in the market for some great finds this fourth quarter, head straight to Best Buy and see their round up. Love when brands I trust put out pages like this because it makes shopping so much easier.

Are you a GoPro fan? What do you think about the new GoPro Hero6? The possibilities are endless. Click here to check it out on Best Buy!


Thursday 5th of October 2017

Woah there's a 6 already? It's one of my wishlist. And I'm not sure when will I get one ha!

Terri Beavers

Sunday 1st of October 2017

I'm such a GoPro fan. I've been considering getting myself one and have been reading reviews for them all weekend.


Sunday 1st of October 2017

My son has been wanting a GoPro for a long time. I know this would be an amazing surprise for me get him for Christmas!

Mama Ash

Saturday 30th of September 2017

A few of my friends have GoPro- I think I'd like one too, now!

Bill Sweeney

Saturday 30th of September 2017

That Hero 6 is amazing. I can't wait to start using this thing ALLLLLL the time.

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