Pio Pio NYC Restaurant Review – Chicken Lovers Must Visit!

My entire family made reservations at Pio Pio NYC and I have to tell you right here and now it was out of control delicious. Famously known for their chicken… duh… this local hotspot is one not to miss. But make sure you make reservations because the house was slammed. 

Pio Pio NYC

I thought I’d try to start documenting the places I patron. My husband is an absolute FREAK when it comes to restaurants and food tours – etc. Why not start showing you where we go?

You probably aren’t going to believe how often we go out to eat. It’s his one obsession. Bill doesn’t buy clothes, electronics, go to sports games or gamble. He just loves to eat. How can I possibly complain?

So, a restaurant in Queens dedicated to making chicken the best way possible and serving it while playing great music amongst an awesome crowd was too good of an invitation to ignore. Off we went. 

Pio Pio NYC Restaurant Review

Chicken dish from Pio Pio NYC

Last night, we drove to Jackson Heights to visit Pio Pio.  This is one of 5 locations they have all around NYC (Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx).  My husband is officially trying to get them to open up one in Long Island because it was that good.

Seriously, the name of this restaurant is spot on. If there was someone in that place NOT eating chicken, I would be surprised. Like, if by an off chance I felt like ordering fish, I think the records would scratch and the lights would turn up. If you go to Pio Pio NYC, you know what’s on the agenda. 

Full plate at Pio Pio restaurant

Family Style Eating And Sharing

My husband is the type of guy who orders things that I do not make at home. So, that means when we go out, he opts for pork or fish. WELL, not at this place!

Pio Pio NYC is KNOWN for their chicken. So we ordered two of their whole chickens, rice,  red beans and maduros (sweet plantains).  It’s family-style so you share everything with your group.

We ordered. Laughed and caught up for maybe 2 minutes and the food was SERVED. My guess is since we ordered their most popular dish – it’s just ready. All they had to do was pull 2 chickens from their roisterer and cut them up. We kept saying – are you sure that’s ours? It was the FASTEST I’ve ever been served in my life!

The Results?

The food was AMAZING. The chicken was perfectly seasoned and the rice was a dream. I am still trying to master making perfect rice. I just can’t get it to have that bite that a good restaurant provides. My mushy madness just can’t compete.

The atmosphere at Pio Pio NYC was very low key. People were dressed differently and it all worked. I was in stretch pants and an over-sized tank and the couple right next to us were both in business suits. Everybody fit in the room just fine.

Here’s my one warning:

A pitcher of sangria is $25!! We ordered one without asking about the price and fell off our chairs when the bill came. So be sure to ask about drinks before you start requesting them.

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  1. Kyle wrote:

    Same thing happened to me the other day. I took my mom out for lunch for her birthday. We ordered sangria without checking the price.

    Got the bill…$40 dollars total. Of that. $17 was the sangria!!!!!!! And I am not in NYC mind you, I am in Grand Rapids MICHIGAN!

    Posted 9.3.10
  2. Dottie wrote:

    solution for you mushy rice is leave the lid open a bit once you find it mushy cook in 10 minute increments and it will be good to go might take u up to 30 mins more but it will work…..

    Posted 9.3.10
  3. Naomi wrote:

    Hey Vera this place looks awesome. I must take my mom there when she comes to visit. And in regards to mushy rice, all you have to do is add a little less water than the packaging recommends. So if its 1 cup of rice, dont add 2 cups of water, add like 1 and 3/4 and then if it looks like it needs a little more water once its almost done just add little splashes here and there. And I agree with what the other person said too, about leaving the lid a little open.
    Hope this helps!

    Posted 9.4.10
  4. BoN wrote:

    Pio Pio is awesome. I get the seafood platter & it’s awesome. The Seafood combo is my go to comfort food, despite the drive since I now live in LI. They are known for the Sangria & the chicken.
    You should try Cabana on Austin Street when you are in Queens. The dishes are good also.

    Posted 1.26.12

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