Bye-Bye Muffin Top!

For new moms (and not so new moms!) the dreaded muffin top is a source of stress when trying to slide into a favorite pair of jeans after baby! Now that the “Skinny” jean has made a comeback (umm, who decided that style needed to reappear?), more women feel that they are unable to keep up with the current trends. Not anymore! M’Chic has solved this issue, and made the “Skinny” a style that any woman can rock with confidence!

Designed by a real woman for real women, M’Chic’s new line of skinny jeans feature a patented slimming spandex panel that smoothes the midsection and prevents the dreaded muffin top. Even those who have not had a baby will appreciate the appearance that these jeans give to your figure, and no one has to know, as the slimming panel looks like a black tank top that you are wearing underneath your top. (Think: layers!) The panel is sewn directly into the waistband, and the design prevents the panel from slipping, sliding or rolling up or down. Put together with a favorite pair of flats or tucked into the latest boots, any mom can feel slim and svelte instantly!

M’Chic offers both the Straight Leg Jean and the Skinny Leg Jean, as well as Swimwear and Capri Jeans. The best part? These stylish pieces are actually affordable! To learn more, or to order, please visit their website.

*Company provided samples for this review.

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