The Britax B-READY Stroller

My new favorite stroller is the Britax B-READY. Hands down, bar none, I love it the very best. Why? Because it makes going out with 4 children 5 and under not just possible, but easy. It passed every test I put it through and we really can test out a stroller here. No other stroller has done so well with our impossible to meet requirements for the perfect stroller. I guess that makes the B-READY as close to perfect as you can get.

The B-READY is new from Britax this summer. It’s a fabulous single to double with an amazing set of features. Many strollers promise a lot, but the B-READY really delivers. As a single it offers so much, a few of its features are a reversible seat, great canopy and storage, easy toe-click brake with an on/off indicator, no re-thread adjustable harness (this is so great, squeeze the lever and it goes up and down), included rain cover and an adult cup holder plus a 55 pound weight capacity.  You can adapt it for your newborn with an optional bassinet or a car seat adapter (Chaperone adapter is included, optional adapters available for other brands) and have a terrific system for one child from birth until your child is out of a stroller.  Adding a second child or having twins?  The B-READY allows you to add a second seat, bassinet or car seat. There are over 14 configurations possible on the B-READY and at least a few are bound to be right for you. Most impressive in it’s second seat features is that the seat not only offers a canopy and a full recline for a newborn, it folds with the seat in place. That’s right, all one piece, no popping on or off unless you want to. It’s a big stroller and it looks big, but I really don’t notice it at all in use. It’s so easy to push in any situation and it’s even easy to lift in and out of the car over and over, which I do very often. It really seems like it’s a much smaller stroller than it is. The fold is also so simple- opening and closing, even with the second seat in place- that every time I do it I just can’t believe I’m folding a two seater. I even did it in the dark one night, it’s that easy.

Simply put, the B-READY does everything and then some. This stroller went straight from quick test ride to my full time stroller and is now happily living in my car traveling everywhere with me and my four children. I have rolled it everywhere- bumpy, broken sidewalks, nice flat ground, flat out chased a 5 year old through a very crowded, mulch covered playground and strolled through the grocery store, all with two 25ish pound children on board. It was perfect at every turn, smooth ride, very maneuverable and never tippy. It didn’t even tip when I had to chase after that same 5 year old after he took off while his brother was in the back seat and his sister was already out of the front seat. We even popped over a railroad tie with only a back seat rider and not a bit of tip back. This is not something I recommend doing or intend to do again, but it’s nice to know how stable the stroller really is. I do not have to worry about who I put in or take out first, front or back it’s always stable. All 4 of my children have ridden it it, from my 9 month old daughter to my very tall 5 year old son. All fit well in the seat because it is so easily adaptable. My 40 pound tall 3 year old has plenty of room to spare and my 45 pound 5 year old, who normally cannot be forced into a stroller, loves sitting in the B-Ready and actually asks to ride. My two year old loves the back seat and also has plenty of room to stay there for awhile.

The ultimate test for me- carrying my huge 3 year old while pushing one handed uphill for 4 blocks on loose and bumpy cobblestones. I never would have been able to do it with my previous stroller (now retired), but with the B-READY it was easy. The comfort grip handle, really helps lessen the weight of the stroller and my two children on board.  I really feel like I’m pushing a single, adding 25 pounds of child and the 2nd seat makes no difference at all in the performance. And being able to recline my sleeping daughter instead of trying to keep her from toppling forward is such a bonus. I also love that it has an optional rain cover for use with both seats, so even when you are using it as a double you can get the same protection from the elements for both riders. There are so many great details it would be hard to list them all. The only thing that I don’t always love is the harness which separates into 4 pieces. This is great when you have a sleeping baby or a toddler who is stubbornly gripping something that you just can’t get the harness around, but I think it might be a bit hard to use in the winter when my fingers are frozen.

Overall, this is such an incredible stroller. If I wrote down everything I wanted in a stroller, the B-READY meets every requirement. It offers such a full seat of features, many of which cannot be matched elsewhere. You can also go back and forth from single to double as needed, really handy when you don’t always have both children and don’t want to keep a single and double in the car. Great for parents of two or more, multiples or even those who think they might need a second seat someday, the B-Ready offers such a variety of options that you will be ready wherever you go. Available in 4 colors, the B-READY retails for $499.99 with the second seat at $149.99. Please visit the Britax site for more information.

*Britax provided a sample for review.

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  1. Lacey wrote:

    Thanks for the review! I’m having my first baby in July and doing a lot of research. I’m leaning towards the B-Ready because of its functionality and price. The new Bugaboo Donkey is coming out next month and that’s a contender too. But happy to see that the Britax is so easy to use! Thanks.

    Posted 3.8.11

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